Just some Hollywood.

Hello Tuesday and hello Hollywood. Let’s not waste any time shall we?

  • This week’s bebe cuteness is all about the boys. Sheryl Crow’s son Wyatt is all sorts of adorable and I love him toting his own little suitcase, so cute:

  • Next up in the cuteness is little Zuma Rossdale (aka Jack Jack) chilling at the beach with his dad (Gwen and Kingston were there too). Seriously this picture is just cute and Zuma is precious and ah! Heart. Melting.

    oh so presh.

  • Moving on from the bebes and on to some other cuteness. Matt Damon cuteness to be exact. Seriously he has aged so well and he is just so “boy next door” and down to earth and ah, heart. Basically he was promoting his new documentary and was even in my town and I didn’t see him (blasphemy!), but I love that like Leo and Ben he’s always about helping other people and movies for a good cause. Matt you are awesome.

    oh love that smile!

  • This week in the world o Twilight we had some major developments.
    1. Rachelle Lefevre (aka Victoria) was replaced with Bryce Howard. Um say what? Did I hear that right? Yeah I know this was all the talk last week and I even tweeted about it, but it still sounds fishy. Summit Rachelle deserves a better explanation and so do the fans. I mean hello, Eclipse is so much about Victoria and to get a new one, just lame.

    2. Some new posters/images from New Moon have been released. Enjoy:

    oh hello.

    (More pics and LTT‘s breakdown of the image can be found here.)

  • As for other news around Hollywood: Shemar Moore (from Criminal Minds) is recuperating after being clipped by a car while on his bike causing him a broken leg, over the weekend (get better!). Kara DioGuardi is returning to the next season of Idol. And Dev Patel and Freida Pinto are very much together and quite cute if I do say so.
  • In movie news…
    Katherine Heigl. Um. She needs to shut her trap. Apparently she went on ranting about how her character in Knocked Up painted women as shrews….but um isn’t her character in The Ugly Truth pretty similar? (I can’t actually say because I haven’t seen it yet, but it looks that way). Well Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow seem to think the same thing and I agree. Katherine start being more likeable please! I mean really your husband is awesome can you please take some notes from him? Thanks.
  • And in TV news…
    Greek. It’s coming back! Are your callendars marked for August 31st? Because this season looks just as ridiculous and geeky and cute as before. I’m sort of really excited for it. Check it out.

    Heroes. So I admit it took Matt and I forever to get through last season (thank goodness for DVR) but this season’s preview looks like there is actually some potential. But you be the judge, do you still watch Heroes?

    Also in Heroes news, Ali Larter got married over the weekend and I may have let out a squee that Joshua Jackson was at her wedding (um she had a brief stint on Dawson’s Creek remember?). And he was looking as dashing as ever. Oh and she was pretty great too, haha.

    are you coming to my wedding too? :)

    aw what lovely newlyweds

    John and Kate Plus Eight. It was back last night and I still can’t decide if I’m going to watch the show anymore. I have it set on my DVR but if I’ll watch it is the thing. The off camera drama is just so sad and Kate and John are both becoming total dbags that I don’t know that I could sit through an episode even if the kids are the cutest things ever. I’m just waiting for the kids to see this in stores for Halloween and want to wear it, haha.

  • And lastly for today’s WTF story we have a story that may make some of my guy reader’s cringe a bit. Let’s just jump to the end of it, four scorned women, in an attempt to humiliate their mutual lover, glued their guy’s junk to his stomach. Um say that one again? Manbits to the stomach! Ah! Moral of the story: Don’t cheat on Wisconsin women! (or heck don’t cheat on anyone! Otherwise bad things will happen and the internet will make fun of you)

And that my friends is today’s Hollywood news. As always, fill me in if I missed anything otherwise hope you enjoyed your weekly dose of Hollywood.

happy tuesday!