Just one more BlogHer post.

S0 I forgot a few things that I just have to share:

The photo booth pics. Oh I love photo booths! And they were everywhere. So of course I have to share them.

Jamie, me and Tara were cracking up
while posing in the booth, too funny

Jess and I found this booth and could not stop laughing,
especially since there was like 5 seconds between pics,
oh man we’re a bit ridiculous

well technically not a booth pic, but a red carpet entrance for
BowlHer, I sort of hear us all and our divaness, haha

Celeb sightings. Tim Gunn was there. I saw him from afar. Paula Deen was there too. But um I was most excited to meet Jen Lancaster. I sort of mildly followed her around shortly trying to read her name tag and see if it really was her, and alas it WAS! So I was that super nerd (as Jamie can attest) and told her I was a big fan of Bitter is the New Black and cannot wait to read the rest. Luckily she was incredibly nice said thanks for chatting and she was off. And my need to meet an author was fulfilled.

The video. Oh the video. Because my family and coworkers read my blog I don’t know that I’m going to link to our superb post-Cheeseburger party video just yet. But if you read me regularly you’ll know where to find it, haha.

And of course, Chicago. I already have a check list of things I want to do when I go back with Matt one day (hopefully soonish). The list includes: a Cubs game, Sears tower, a boat tour, the Art Museum and probably a million other things, haha.

That my friends wraps up BlogHer ’09! I’m already looking forward to BlogHer ’10. Woo!

happy thursday!