Extreme Home Freakout

As you readers know, Katelin is in Chicago this week partying it up with everyone at Blogher. She has asked me, Rachel from Mom in Real Life, to write a guest post for her. I was COMPLETELY lost on what to write since I already had to come up with a 20sb blog swap post, a guest post for Free and Flawed, and a top secret post for Friday.
Seriously, my brain was fried.
On top of this Dan and I qualified for a home loan!!!

I know not all of you know me that well, but please feel free to do a happy dance for us right now.

I’ll wait.


Anyways, my every waking moment was spent looking at houses, dreaming of remodeled kitchens, learning about property taxes. Blogging was far from my little brain.
Tuesday morning I woke up to a tired Dan, sitting at his laptop (since 4am!) scrolling through MLS #’s. He grunted something along the lines of;
“I find houses. Look. Now.”
I looked over the ones he found and many of them had similar problems;

1) PEOPLE! I’m sure the thought of having a bar in your basement sounds “cool” or “totally awesome” but 99% of the bars I saw suuuuuccckkkkkked. To keep these in my future house would require me to be constantly drinking the same number of beers (12) that you had when you built these retched things!
2) I didn’t realize so many people had pools. I tried those temporary pools last summer. All I managed to do was grow myself an army of Lagoon creatures.
3) Hi, house owner? 1970 called. They want their wood paneling back.

But one house stuck out. It was old and it had character. I mentioned it to Dan and he said that he had been thinking about the same house. As the day progressed we built the pedestal for this house higher and higher. By the time we went to see it we had pictures of Pottery Barn photo shoots dancing in our heads.

Once I stepped in I knew it was all wrong. The house had been abandoned giving it a Zombie movie feel. Drinking glasses still sat out. A baby bouncer was in the other room. A litter box (still with cat shit) sat by the back door.
I won’t get into all the structural problems *shudder* but Dan did discover one MAJOR things.
“Um Rachel. There’s no showers.”
“No shower heads?”
“Nope, no showers at ALL. Just tubs….”
At this point I grabbed Diana and sprinted out of the house.

As I sat in my car, trying to scrub the smell of the house off of me, all I could think was;

“Oh man, this is going to make such a good blog post.”