Wedding don’ts.

So after watching TODAY Throws a Wedding yesterday I’ve realized that although Matt and I haven’t done much planning to our own wedding I know there are some things that will just not be happening.

  • My hair will not look like this:

    Seriously!? How could she let the hair stylist do that to her? And her makeup was a little much I thought. I guess when you leave your wedding in the hands of a TV show that’s what could happen. But yeah no way will my hair be that high up, if up at all. No thank you.

  • We will not be honeymooning in Australia (as nice as it would be), but seriously? Audience that voted on Australia as their honeymoon destination did you forget that it’s Winter there, Winter?!?? Yeah my honeymoon will not be spent in a place where the high is 60 degrees, I’ll pass on that one.
  • The Macarena? I don’t think so. Conga line? No thanks. YMCA? Ummm Perhaps.
  • Magenta. Fuchsia. Lavender. Light Pink. Pastels. None of it. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t hate any of those colors and I think it looks lovely in some weddings, just not ours.
  • Kidlets. As much as I love the youngins, they won’t be at our wedding. I’m making the cut off age the age of my youngest brother, 13. So yeah that’s still kid age, but no bebes or toddlers of the sort. I just want the parents that do come to have a good time (and hello babysitters are awesome) and I don’t want a crying kid during the ceremony.
  • High heels. Well for me at least, I’ll let my bridal party decide on what they’d like to do, but I will be rockin either some ballerina flats or my trademark look of flip flops. I mean it just wouldn’t be right otherwise.
  • Doves. Swans. No flying creatures of any kind.
  • Open mic. Yeah there won’t be an open mic at our wedding because if that was the case the reception would never start. A select few will be able to say their parts but after that, the mic will go away.

We do have our ‘wedding do’ list too, but I’ll save that one for another post. And what’s on your don’ts list? Anything you just won’t have?

*updated to add: I don’t mean this post to offend anyone. This is just what I don’t want, and if you had it and loved it then good for you. Everyone is different right? I’m just saying, some of this stuff just isn’t for me*

happy thursday!