Au Natural.

So recently I’ve seen a couple people talking about this article about women who took pictures of themselves without make up on and it got me thinking.

Am I the only twenty five year old female who doesn’t wear make up every day? Am I a weirdo for not wearing cover up and letting those horrendous red marks go uncovered every once and while? Is it weird eye liner makes my eyes freak out? Am I lazy because I don’t put on eye shadow every day? Does lip gloss count as make up? How come no one taught me how to put on makeup?

Those are just a few of the questions that have been streaming through my brain about this issue lately. I don’t wear make up. I mean, I like to every once and a while and I don’t mind when a friend offers to do it for me and I will definitely get a professional to make me up for my wedding, but every day? No thank you.

Maybe it’s because my mom doesn’t wear a whole lot of make up and never sat me down to teach me make up 101 (is it even mom’s job? I guess I could have learned from my friends, but whatever, haha). But then again my younger sister wears some form of make up every day and I’m pretty sure she can put on make up without looking like a clown or her eyes freaking out.

I will admit though that I feel a little less like a grown up because I’ve never bought anything from Sephora (with the exception of some perfume that is absolutely divine), I have no idea what the purpose of most creams and shadows are or why there are so many kinds of brushes (seriously explain that one to me please!), I’ve never plucked my eyes brows or waxed anything (yes I categorize that with makeup and grown upness) and I don’t know how to change that.

But then again, I don’t know that I want to change it. I like being makeupless. Maybe I’ll change my mind some day and feel a little bit more grown up, but for now I think I’m fine the way I am. Me.

happy friday!