Two things I did last night.

One. I went to check out a potential wedding venue with Matt and his mom.

and Two. I finished watching watching Pollyanna.

Well the wedding venue ended up being a disappointment. The place was fun and the food was good (actually the mac and cheese I had was freakin delicious) but there was no way they’d be able to accommodate our anticipated 250 guests. On top of that it was in the middle of a busy area and I kept thinking “what if a fire truck or a police car went speeding down the street with their sirens on in the middle of ceremony?” Yeah that wouldn’t be too fun. It’s unfortunate because we both really hoped it would work out and after seeing that the Broke Ass Bride‘s reception was there I was so excited. So I guess it’s back to the drawing board for us.

Hopefully we’ll find a place and it’ll be perfect and not put us in debt and everything will work out. Yes, I think everything will work out okay.

Oh so two. After coming back from dinner Matt and I came home and plopped ourselves on the couch and I put on Pollyanna. I saw it was on TCM a couple nights ago and automatically hit record on the DVR. I can’t remember the last time I saw it but I always remember loving it. So I started watching it Tuesday after I needed something uplifting after watching the MJ memorial and couldn’t finish it. So last night it was to finish up a classic.

Have you seen Pollyanna? I know Matt hadn’t before I made him watch it and I caught him laughing every now and then. It’s such a cute movie. Seriously, Hayley Mills was such a cute kid (I mean the Parent Trap too, hello!) and I love her gladness throughout the whole movie (which I’m pretty sure is the point). Yes the end is sad, but it’s still uplifting to see how she affected the whole town and everything. But yay, heart that movie.

What’s an old movie you want to see that you haven’t watched in a while? I think Bringing Up Baby or A Little Princess might be next in there for me.

happy thursday!

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