Will you go to prom with me?

So remember in May when it was prom season and everyone was posting pictures from their own proms back in the day? Yeah well somehow I missed that one. However, last night I was messing around on my computer and I found all these old high school pictures (prom ones included!) that I had completely forgotten about. So today I present you with a small peek into my prom past, enjoy:

Junior prom-2001

all the couples in front of my house before leaving

oh what lovely ladies!
my high school besties

Senior prom – 2002

all the cool ladies wear flip flops, obviously

coming downstairs to meet our dates, woo

Oh how I miss the high school days. I know some people didn’t enjoy high school, but I had a freaking amazing time. It was so much fun! And dances! Oh the dances! I loved both of my proms so much and these pictures just bring me back. I also sort of love my Junior year prom dress the best, one of my favorite most simple yet elegant dresses ever, that I wish I could wear again to something, haha.

Did you love your prom? What did you wear? Would you wear it again? Ooooh high school.

happy wednesday!