That’s so Hollywood.

Another Tuesday, another day in Hollywood. Let’s get to it shall we…

  • For today’s first adorable bebe of Hollywood we have little Zuma Rossdale. This picture of him and Gwen is oh so precious. And is it just me or does he look like Jack Jack from The Incredibles?

    oh so cute.

  • As for cute bebe number two of the day we have an oh so precious picture of Olive Cohen with her mom Isla Fisher. Seriously this picture just made my heart melt a little.


  • Moving on from the bebes and the cuteness to some Hollywood sadness. In the past week we’ve lost some major names in Hollywood. Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays. Seriously I don’t think Hollywood can handle it. My thoughts and prayers are with their families.
  • Speaking of Michael again however, since his passing I’ve discovered some fun facts about him. One. In the “Smooth Criminal” video and that slick leaning move, it’s all in the shoes!! I never knew! I thought it was a harness or something. But no, the shoes, so cool. Two. The music video for “Liberian Girl” has so many celebs in it, it’s amazing and needs to be watched pronto. Three. My favorite Tyra is at the end of the “Black and White” video, who knew?
  • Moving on from the MJ news and on to a super cute story that made the teeny bopper in me squeal with happiness when I saw it last week. When Shia LaBeouf was on the Today Show last week, a super fan was in the audience outside and was lucky enough to be brought into the studio to not only meet Shia but “interview” him as well. And ah he was so nice and it was so cute and I was so happy for her and ah! Just watch the video and it’s cuteness here.
  • Speaking of teeny bopperness for today’s Twilightesque news we have more Rob on the set of Remember Me looking oh so lovely. And I’m pretty sure he sleeps with Ray Bans on.

    why hello there.

  • In movie news…
    Last week it was announced that the Academy has decided to increase the amount of Best Picture nominees from five to ten. TEN!?! I’m pretty sure that there aren’t TEN Oscar worthy movies that come out every year but I guess we’ll see what get nominated. Maybe New Moon will even make the running, haha.

    Last week was the LA premiere of 500 Days of Summer (which I sort of really want to see) and Zooey Deschanel looked divine. Seriously I want her dress, it’s just so cute and heart her.

  • And in TV news…
    Desperate Housewives. Wisteria Lane just got it’s newest resident, Drea de Matteo. The former Soprano will be joining the ladies of Wisteria with a husband and a flirty 19 year old son (I think he’ll fit right in, haha). I guess they needed another blonde since Edie Brit was killed off last season and someone to stir things up, I think the new addition should be a good one.
  • And lastly in today’s WTF news we have a cheeto, yes cheeto like the chips. Apparently a couple got into a verbal altercation of sorts at a gas station and started throwing cheetos (and other chips) at each other. The cops were called and both were arrested on charges of domestic assault. Um say what? Assault? For throwing chips? Oh man that’s a good one to tell the kids about, haha.

And that my friends is today’s Hollywood news. Anything I missed?

happy tuesday!