Take me out to the weekend.

Oh hello there friends and happy summer, yay it’s officially here (even if the weather doesn’t totally agree)! So yes another weekend come and gone and man was it a good one, here we go:

Thursday: After work I headed over to the west side for some margaritas and Mexican food with Lacey. It was so great to finally meet her since I’ve been reading her blog forever it feels like. We had a good time chatting it up and having some tasty food. Twas a lovely evening.

Friday: Had a fun day at work with an afternoon BBQ on a lovely day. After work I headed to the movies with Megan to see The Proposal. It was such a cute movie! I loved it (and of course reviewed it)! Once the movie was over I came home to an uneventful evening because a headache took over so I was incredibly lame and went right to bed, damn you headaches!

Saturday: Woke up to crappy weather, went walking with my mom and sister then came home quickly before running some errands. Afterwards Matt, my sister and I headed to our friends house despite the craptasticly cloudy weather. Nonetheless the BBQ was still a ton of fun, lots of food and alcohol and we played an intense game of spoons. Seriously, it was amazing.

yay for the sisters

After BBQ #1 we headed over to Matt’s brother’s girlfriend, Michaela’s parent’s house to celebrate Michaela’s birthday. It was a pretty good time, as usual. We had tons of food, watched some NASCAR, danced a bit, sang a bit, had some cake, basically an all around great time.

happy birthday Michaela!

Sunday: Got another earlyish start and met my family for brunch at Roscoe’s (it was delicious, as always). After breakfast my dad opened his Father’s Day presents and then I was on my way to productivity before we had to leave. My parents eventually came to pick me up later so we could go to the Dodger game! My dad, mom, little brother and I went to Anaheim to see the Dodgers play the Angels and oh what a great way to spend the day. The Dodgers were victorious, Kobe was in attendance and it was just awesome to be the away team but not be alone, haha.

All in all another great weekend and a fabulous way to start the summer. How did you spend your summerful weekend? Anything awesome?

happy monday!