Resolution redux.

After reading Playful Professional’s recap and renovated goals yesterday I realized that I should probably take a look back at my New Year’s resolutions too and see where I stand. So here we go:

1. Try not to worry as much. I think I’ve done okay with this one so far. Although life is a bit tricky right not I’m doing my best not to worry and stick to saying that it will all work out for the best. And I feel like I’ll definitely have to remind myself of this resolution once wedding planning picks up, haha.

2. Meet more bloggers. Oh heck yes. I have rocked this resolution. At the end of January I went to a party courtesy of Tara and got to meet Esther. February was bloggerstastic as I got to meet the fabulous Ev’Yan, Kerri and Sarah for dinner on the west side then I headed to a BOCA event where I met Nicole and Andrea, and a couple days later I was off to Houston where I ran into Allison and met lots of mom bloggers at the Summit. After I got back I had my Nintendo party in March, where more bloggers were in attendance. And most recently I went to Vegas with 25 other bloggers, haha. Even more so, I’m meeting Lacey on Thursday and going to a potluck with more bloggers in July. I’d say I’ve fully met this goal and can’t wait to keep on meeting and hanging out with more bloggers :)

3. Read 25 books. I’m currently on book 18 and it’s only June. So I think I’ll up this to 30 books by the end of the year. And I’m always taking new suggestions.

4. Become a baking master. Ummmyaaaaaaboutthat. I’ve baked a few times but I am definitely no master. I guess I should work on this one.

5. Take at least two vacations with Matt that aren’t attached to weddings. Well I believe Vegas counts as one. As for two, we’re tentatively headed to San Diego at the end of July. Other than that, funds have become a bit tight but I think we’ll manage some sort of fun getaway soonish.

I just wanted a reason to post this pic by the fabulous Doni

Well looking over my resolutions I’d say I’m doing pretty well. I think that might be a first for me, haha. Hopefully I can keep it up til the end of the year, fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.

And how are you holding up with your resolutions/goals?

happy wednesday!