A Wineful, Wiiful, Wonderful Weekend.

Another weekend is over already? What the heck? Even though I didn’t do a whole lot it definitely went by way too fast….

Friday: Got home from work, Matt and I both decided that neither one of us wanted to cook so we headed to Island’s for dinner and to watch some of the game (go LAKERS!). After dinner we came home, drank some wine and played some Wii, aka best kind of night ever.

Saturday: Did some apartment cleaning then went to lunch with a friend of mine. I was so excited to see since she recently finished her house and I got to tell her in person that I was engaged. So after we enjoyed some lunch outside she talked me into going to a bridal shop and trying on some dresses. So yes, I have officially tried on my first set of wedding dresses! Ah! I must say I did find a couple winners, I just need them to be a notch lower in price, haha.

After lunch I came home and Matt and I did some more apartment cleaning which was awesome. Yes, not joking, the place looks a lot better now that it’s cleaner and more organized. Afterwards we pretty much spent the afternoon and night chilling out, drinking more wine and playing more Wii. After last weekend’s shenanigans and this coming weekend’s Vegas adventure it was nice to just stay home and relax.

Sunday: Slept in a bit, went walking with my mom, had dinner at Matt’s dad’s house, came home to watch the New Moon trailer (oh yes, first thing I did when I got home and ummm is it November yet!?) and spent the night hanging out. Simply wonderous.

So yeah that was my weekend. No pictures, not too much busyness, and all sorts of loveliness.

Oh and because I have no pictures and my friend Zoe just put up some more pics from last weekend I thought I’d share three gems:

reenacting the Noah and Ally moment, good times

Kathleen and Zoe had to sit in the trunk on the
way home from the bar, haha

it’s me! it’s me!

Oh good times all around. Yay relaxing weekends and ridiculous pictures. :)

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!