friday share v3 – dream edition

by footsiefriend on May 22, 2009

whoa, so this is what it feels like to be a footsie friend of katelin’s? i can get used to my feet in the sand, that’s for sure. excuse me while i get comfortable – there’s the spot.

HI, i’m alexa and i write the blog cleveland’s a plum. yes, THAT cleveland, the one in ohio, the city with LEBRON.

anyways, so recently i’ve started a friday feature on my blog where i share something then YOU share something. hence the ridiculously catchy and original title of ‘friday share’, (that’s why i get paid the big bucks), and this friday i’m bringing it over to katelin’s.

considering katelin is so well versed in all things hollywood, living in LA and all. i decided that this would be a good place to discuss a hollywood themed dream i had on wednesday. which goes a little something like this…

picture it, cleveland ohio, my apartment downtown. it’s evening and i’m sitting on my couch reading a book while halfway listening to entertainment tonight. when there’s a knock on my door.

i answer it and to my surprise it’s BRAD PITT and his children. and i’m talking ALL of his children: maddox, pax, zahara, shiloh, knox and vivienne. i’m standing there in disbelief when he says,

“i have an emergency and i need you, alexa, to watch my children”

“me? why? how did you know where i live?”, i said.

“i know everything about you”, brad creepily said while pushing his brood into my apartment.

and with that he was off, walking away from me down the hall. all the while i was yelling, “but where’s angelina? can’t she watch them? don’t you have a nanny!!?!?”

i close my apartment door and turn around to see the kids standing there staring at me.

“hi guys”, i said, “do you want a popsicle?”

i received a unanimous yes and headed to the fridge to grab some freezer pops, handing one to each child. i show the ridiculously well behaved children to my deck and we sit outside and catch fireflies.

seriously, fireflies. and then i woke up.

do i or do i not have the most boring dreams?

i mean this dream had the potential of being awesome. hello -brad pitt at your door! that alone can go in so so so many pleasant directions. but what happens? i get left with his kids, not him, sitting on my deck eating popsicles.

apparently my boring life is even forcing its way into my dream life. lame-o.

so what have you dreamed about lately? it’s got to be better than mine.

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