People that should be paying me.

Yesterday as I was getting dressed and noticed that about 85% of my shirt drawer was Old Navy in origin I realized that they should pay me. I mean so many of my clothes are from there and I love it all, so why not pay me for it? I’m a walking billboard for crimeny sake. And that got me thinking about all the other people that should probably be paying me as well…

  • Stephenie Meyer. Seriously I know the woman’s got money to spare and I’ve told so many people about Twilight it’s not even funny. I could practically be a Twilight publicist, haha.
  • All airlines. I put so much money into them I’m pretty sure they could repay me just a bit.
  • Craig David. I’m pretty sure none of my friends knew who he was until I introduced them. Seriously I’m like his freakin publicist. Now if only he would make his US visits more frequently my job would be easier, haha.
  • Granny Smith apples. I think I go through more apples in a week than some families go through in a month. I’m pretty sure I could be an apple spokesperson or something. And man are they delicious.
  • The creators of flip flops. I wear them almost every day in any weather it’s sort of ridiculous. But I think they should pay me because I need some new ones, haha.

Seriously people shouldn’t I be getting paid for my hard work? And really I’ve got a wedding to pay for soon and some travels to be had, yeah extra money would be loverly. So you hear that Stephenie and Old Navy? Pay up please. Sweet, thanks. Love, Katelin.

Anyone that should be paying you?

happy wednesday!