Happy Threesaversary!

I know this is becoming a “oh-my-gosh-I’m-engaged-and-so-in-love” blog but I can’t help it today.

Because today marks our three year anniversary!

Last year I shared “our story” and this year I thought I’d share some threesness….

Three TV shows I watch that Matt openly makes fun of:

  • Top Model
  • The Hills
  • Grey’s Anatomy

Three TV shows I think he secretly likes (or at least pays attention to):

  • Grey’s Anatomy (not even kidding, Matt figured out last night’s finale before I did! Ohhh what a twist!!)
  • Desperate Housewives (I’m pretty sure he knows who’s married to who and that’s impressive)
  • Without a Trace (Yeah you can’t not like this show compare to the other crap I watch, haha)

Three TV channels Matt will have the TV on if he has the remote:

  • ESPN (umm yeah. This is the majority of any of his channel changes, haha)
  • Discovery Channel (Mythbusters or any How It’s Made show)
  • Food Network (he is a food fanatic)

Three things I’ve learned about Matt while living with him:

  • He flays a lot in his sleep sometimes.
  • He leaves stuff everywhere….but eventually picks it up.
  • He get ready waaaaay quicker than I do.

Three things I say to Matt pretty regularly:

  • “Maaaaatt. Can you kill this spider pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee?”
  • “Aren’t you glad I watch the Hills? Spencer makes you look like the best fiance ever!”
  • “So what game is this? Who’s playing?”

Three things Matt says to me regularly:

  • “I can’t believe you watch this show”
  • “Yes, even if you gain a million pounds I’ll still love you”
  • “Your face”

Basically I love the guy and I can’t wait to spend oh so many more years with him!

Happy Anniversary Matt!

Hope everyone has a most fabulous weekend!

happy friday!