I Loved College.

Three years ago I graduated college. So it’s only appropriate I listen to Asher Roth’s “I Love College” 24935809586 times today right?

I mean I really did love college. And even if I didn’t have all the scenarios from the song, I had some really ridiculous and awesome times and if I could I would do it all over again.

Last year on this day I shared some college pics, but this year I want to share some college fun facts and mini-stories to take me back and share a bit with the freaders, so here we go:

  • My school had a huge hill to get up to campus from town. After going to the bars one night, my friend Kathleen and I most definitely got a ride from a pizza guy, we hopped in the back of his pick up and rode to the top. Oh good times.
  • Kathleen and I also liked to reenact the scene from the Notebook when Noah and Ally lie in the middle of the street. What can I say? We rock.

  • My junior year of college I made a fake Real World video with some of my friends and it’s one of the funniest videos ever, I seriously need to get that edited.
  • Also junior year, I got my friend AJ (who doesn’t really like sweets) to chug chocolate syrup for peppermint patty shots and he started dancing to Usher’s “Yeah” in a room full of girls. And it’s all on video, haha.
  • I had my own radio show and loved it. However, funny story I was so hungover once that I puked in the trash can in the lobby…while a song was playing. And yeah it was the first day I had a mentee, haha.
  • Freshmen year when it was snowing and we decided to steal trays from the dining hall by tossing them out the window so we could go sledding on them. Best idea I’ve ever had, haha. Worst idea? Not wearing gloves when I went sledding, whoops!
  • Also freshmen year, Jennifer Garner came to campus to speak and we got to ask her questions. And I asked her something along the lines of why did she do Dude Where’s My Car? How that question came to me I have no idea, but I wish I had asked something cooler.
  • When it was announced that Britney Spears had her bebe my roomies and I played Britney music, danced on the furniture and sang as loud as we could….until our RA told us we needed to turn it down a notch, haha.
  • My sophmore year my friends and I started Wasted Week. Basically we drank the whole week and had theme nights (like Minnesota Monday) and harassed all of our friends that were actually doing work, it was wonderous.
  • One night my friend Zoe and I tried to high five each other and completely missed. Like completely. It then became tradition to never get it right and even add a few steps. It was like our secret non-handshake, haha.
  • Senior year we had a Price is Right party and it was awesome. We even had a drink-o board. Seriously, best party of the whole year.

Seriously I could keep this going forever but this post is already long. Basically college was amazing and I can’t believe it’s already been three years since I was there, like wo.

…And even more appropriate is that one week from today I’ll be in North Carolina with seven of my best college friends (the first time all of us have been together since May ’07)!!

camped out at The Price is Right

cheers to the eight great!

And I couldn’t be more excited!!

Any good college memories you want to share?

happy thursday!