Hollywoodtinis all around.

Well since I did such a late Hollywood post last Thursday not a whole lot has happened in Hollywood since then, but I’ll make it work. So Hollywood news here we go:

  • Today’s first cute little bebe we have Sasha Schreiber. Seriously this picture just melted my heart, such a cute Mommy and Me shot:


  • And bebe numero dos is little Levi McConaughey. Seriously he is so doe-eyed it’s adorable.

    awww so cute.

  • Moving on from the bebe cuteness to the Ryan Gosling hotness. Seriously the man makes the most random clothes look good. Oh and I just had to post a Ryan picture because The Notebook was on this weekend and I got butterflies all over again even though I’ve seen it way too many times, but really swoon.

    why hello there.

  • Apparently last night was the Costume Institute Gala and man there were some fabulous and adorable couples and I just have to share a few:

    Josh and Diane, seriously adorable

    Ashley and Justin,
    I’m getting used to this
    because I heart Justin so much

    Leslie Mann rocked it and Judd Apatow is just a cute geek

  • Oh and guys I did not forget about you, miss Megan Fox graces the cover of this month’s Esquire magazine and I admit, girl looks good. And yeah she’s more covered up than usual, but I think she makes it look good:

  • Oh so I watched Twilight yesterday while I was home doing work and man I love that movie. It may not be the best movie ever but it’s just so nice to watch and Edward Cullen is just so swoon worthy and I just hope that New Moon is even better.

    Oh oh and Twilight got the most MTV Movie Award nominations (which are probably the only awards Twilight could win, haha), so go vote!

  • And in TV news…
    How I Met Your Mother. Finally the yellow umbrella is back, we’re getting somewhere. But ah! Stella!? Stella?! Really? Oh I love this show. And seriously Barney, you are awesome, haha. (except umm didn’t Barney not have a list, wasn’t it a scrap book? Yeah I know too much about this show, haha).

    Grey’s Anatomy. Aw Izzie why won’t you tell your mom what’s wrong? Ah I was so sad. And Lexie you are so cute, I’m finally starting to like you again. And um Derek you look mighty handsome in a tux, I can’t wait to see the wedding episode this week, ah! A wedding! Yay!

    Medium. Oh man last week’s episode was so creepy, so good but so creepy. I loved the ending too with all the ladies rallying together to save Allison’s dreams, soooo good.

    Brothers and Sisters. Kitty stop being lame. Ryan just leave already. Scottie I heart you. Nora you are the cutest most overprotective and concerned mama around. And Sarah I think you rock. Seriously this show is so good and I am so attached to the family it’s sort of crazy, I can’t believe the season finale is already this weekend. And Tommy’s back! Ah! I can’t wait!

  • And for today’s WTF story I hope you haven’t eaten at a fast food place lately because this one is kind of gross (and by kind of I mean really)… a girl in Switzerland allegedly found a condom in her Happy Meal. Ummmm how do you explain that one to your kid? Er how do you continue eating without hurling? Ah!
  • And how did I almost forget….
    Happy Birthday Craig David!!!!

    Feel free to come back to LA okay? :)

And that my friends is the short(ish) and sweet Hollywood update…anything I missed, let me know.

happy tuesday!