The awesome is almost overwhelming.

Things that are awesome:

  • Birthday celebrations starting on Friday. (I know you’re getting sick of hearing about it, but my goodness I am so excited for my birthday, it’s like 21 all over again, haha)
  • This song. Any song that can make the Eiffel 65 song popular again gets props from me.
  • Leftover cheese pizza for lunch.
  • All seven of my college besties going to North Carolina Memorial Day weekend! I almost squealed when I bought my ticket yesterday, haha.
  • Bloggers taking over Sin City in June. It’s going to be epic.
  • Me not having a total breakdown over the cost of everything the next two months. Hey I like Ramen, so it’s okay.
  • Possibly, maybe, who knows, fingers crossed seeing Joshua Jackson on Thursday night.

    yes please. :)

  • My hair. I’m in love with the shortness.
  • It’s Earth Day! Yay Earth! Are you green today?
  • Twitter. I’m so glad it’s finally picked up since I was on it for so long with no one doing anything. Now it’s a little crazy, but it’s still awesome.
  • Red velvet cupcakes. *hint hint* :)

Things that aren’t as awesome:

  • It’s supposed to be in the 60s this weekend. 60s people? 60s? We just had 100s here, what the eff is this 60s business? I do not approve.

Yeah that’s about all the unawesome I can think of right now. Life is just way too good right now. What’s awesome in your life these days?

happy wednesday!