A Life List you say?

To answer your question, yes. Yes I am still giddy about the fact that I met Craig David. I met the second guy off of my top five list and have officially met all of my favorite musicians. Life is good.

But meeting Craig David also reminded me of my Life List. You know that list that everyone has of things they want to do before they die? Yeah well I’m not going to lie, meeting Craig David was on there. And now I can check it off.

So what else is on my ever growing list? I’ll show you.

1. Meet all of my top five list (Keanu Reeves, Joshua Jackson, Craig David, Christian Bale, and Ryan Gosling). I’ve got two for five so far!

2. Go to the Oscars. Just red carpet would be fine, but I would love to sit in and see the show too.

3. Visit Venezuela and see Angel Falls. Ever since I did a report on it in middle school I’ve always wanted to go.

4. Be an extra in a movie (or heck even the star!)

5. Wear bright colored shoes on my wedding day.

6. Go ice skating and enjoy it.

7. Own a house that’s big enough for my whole family to have a meal in and enjoy the holidays together.

8. Have a signature food dish.

9. Actually get past beginner stage on Guitar Hero.

10. Live in another state (or country) for a couple months or year.

11. Work as a kindergarten teacher’s assistant.

12. Take my friends out to dinner and pay for the bill without worrying about it.

13. Visit all fifty states. I only have 13 left!

14. Like red wine.

15. Have blond haired children….or any hair colored children is lovely.

16. Throw the first pitch at a Dodger’s game. Or just go on the field.

17. Climb a rock wall without crying.

18. Make something out of all the movie tickets I’ve acquired over the years.

19. Learn sign language.

20. See Wicked on Broadway.

21. Make homemade pasta.

22. Refurbish a piece of furniture.

23. Get paid to watch movies.

24. Go on a road trip without a plan.

25. Eat pasta in Italy and chocolate in Switzerland and take a picture in a real phone booth in London.


And then some. Obviously this list doesn’t have a ton of stuff and it’s still in the process of being added on to and I am open to any suggestions you have so share them. What’s on your list?

happy thursday!