A hip hoppity good weekend getaway.

Why hello there everyone, welcome back! It’s Monday. Woo. Woo? Eh, woo it is. Anyhoo, first of all I want to thank you all for your congrats Friday, seriously I know it’s not a huge deal to be Featured Blogger but I feel pretty dang special. And the weekend? Yeah let’s get to the weekend recap…

Friday: Got off of work early which was awesome then headed over to Old Town to spend some money at H&M and Victoria’s Secret. Seriously, deals are awesome. I was looking for a birthday outfit, sadly to no avail, but I did end up with some other fun stuff I can’t wait to wear when the weather is hot. After shopping I came home and waited for Matt to get off work and then we headed out to Palm Desert to meet up with his fam. We had some fun dance parties in the car which definitely made the two and a half hours fly by. We eventually made it out there in time for dinner with his fam and our drinks were already waiting for us which was even better, haha. After dinner we all went back to Matt’s aunt’s house relaxed, drank some wine, had some fun and all in all a good night.

Saturday: Got to sleep in a bit which was nice. Matt went golfing with his dad, brother and aunt while I went to brunch with his other brother and his girlfriend Michaela, which was awesome. We found a funny little French cafe in town and it was quite tasty. After brunch Matt and his brother Brad were done golfing and the five of us headed over to the Living Desert. It was actually a lot of fun, the weather was not too hot and we had fun checkin out all the animals and hangin out.

Brad, Michaela and Ryan chillin in the back of the Jeep

Matt being the dutiful driver, woo

Brad and Ryan lookin at the wolf exhibit

ohmygoodness do you see that wolf?!?!

check out that gorgeous view

haha, aren’t they lovely?

the meerkats were the best animals there

Man it was a good time, haha. After the Living Desert we all went back to Matt’s aunt’s house for a nap then it was off to a BBQ. Seriously so much food and alcohol it was lovely, haha. After the BBQ we all came back to the house and hung out, drank some more, relaxed and had another great night.

Sunday: Happy Easter Bunny everyone! Woke up early, got ready and headed across the street to a private mass at someone’s house which was nice. Afterwards everyone headed up to the brunch Matt’s aunt’s place provided which was tasty. Granted Matt and I couldn’t eat a lot because we left early to head on over to my family’s place (which was a nice trek back).

our “Easter picture” :)

Matt and his brothers

All in all a great time in the desert. Once we got to my family’s house it was another food and fun filled time. My mom even left an Easter basket for me, Matt and my sister to split that had some Starburst jelly beans (which are freakin amazing) and some other fun goodies, so that was cute. Basically it was nice hanging out with everyone, enjoying the weather and the day in all.

After Easter with the fam Matt and I came home briefly to relax a bit before heading over to meet our friend Steve at the bar. Funny story, while walking to the bar I was on the phone with my sister and all of a sudden I hit the ground. And I hit it hard. Like palms to the floor, phone flew out of my hand, knees scraped up fall. It was hilarious. Well hilarious after I got my wits back again but I have no idea how I fell. It was ridiculous. And funny all at the same time. Eventually we made it to the bar and had a good time catching up with our friend Steve who lives in Tucson now.

All in all another great weekend and I loved it. And how was your weekend? Any wild animal sightings? Was the Easter bunny good to you?