It’s cool to be a blogger in April.

So you guys know that April is my favorite month right? My birth month? The month of awesome? My middle name? The month of some of the coolest things ever in my life?

You did? Of course you did. Because I can’t stop talking about it.

But how can you expect me to stop talking about this month when another awesome thing has happened….

I am the newest featured blogger on 20 Something Bloggers!!! Huzzah! And in case you’re too lazy to click on the link, here’s the proof:

So yeah that pretty much made my yesterday and not gonna lie I’m still a little giddy about it especially since I was in that first batch of 200 members when now it’s up to 5000 something, it’s crazy pants awesome.

I’d like to thank Violet for being adorable, Joshua Jackson for coming back to TV, The Hills for making me question my sanity, Matt for indulging my cooking attempts, our Wii and the freaders that keep coming back.

But really, seriously, thanks to everyone that voted for me (and tweeted about it yesterday, you are rock stars) it seriously makes me feel a wee bit special and oh so lurrrrved.

Hope you all have a loverly Easter (or Passover or non-holiday) weekend :)

happy friday!