I need something to obsess over.

I miss Twilight. Is that sad? Wait. Don’t answer that.

But really, I do. As you can tell from reading my blog and among various posts, I obsess about things. I get addicted. I can’t help it. But it’s all good stuff like Twilight and Wicked and reading and Joshua Jackson and Lady Gaga’s song “Poker Face” and head bands and OPI nail polish for starters.

But really I miss how excited I was to read Twilight. I don’t remember the last time I looked forward to a story and anticipated what was going to happen next and how attached I was to the characters and how much I sort of wished vampires were real. Yeah, I miss that.

It was the weirdest obsession I’ve had in a long time and man I miss it. It’s like I have a void. And reading Midnight Sun is only sort of helping. I may just have to reread Twilight or watch the movie every day for the next two weeks, haha.

Really I guess I just need a new obsession. Any suggestions for what I should obsess about next?

happy thursday!