H to the Olly to the Woooooood.

Oh it’s Tuesday and do I have some celebrity news for you. Are you ready? You sure? Okay let’s go then, woo:

  • Apparently tutus are the newest thing among Hollywood’s cutest. And do I blame them? No! Because man I would rock a tutu too if I could, but I don’t think I’d look nearly as cute as Violet and Nahla.


    so darn cute!

  • And because I’m a sucker for cute bebes I had to post this pic of little Sasha Shreiber with his dad. Seriously the matching hats are adorable.

    ohmygoodness cute!

  • Movin on from the bebes and on to Keanu. MmmmmKeanu. Even though I’m not usually a fan of his beard, it looks pretty good in this photo shoot for Vogue Hommes.

  • Know what else is dreamy? The faux poster for New Moon with Rob Pattinson. I mean really he’s mmmmm.

    hello vampire six pack.

    Speaking of Twilight, I watched the special features DVD and it was awesome. A whole hour documentary about the making of the movie and behind the scenes and all that jazz, it was quite nice. And um this may be my new favorite resource for Twilight news, seriously it’s amazing. Oh and while I’m talking about Rob, he addressed those rumors of his showering habits and he does shower people, he’s clean! And um he’s adorable. The end.

  • Also in movieness, I saw I Love You, Man last Thursday. Seriously, I laughed through the whole thing. And ohmygosh I heart Jason Segel and Paul Rudd so much.

    Seriously if you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should. And be prepared to laugh the whole way through. Totes Magotes.

  • Another movie news tidbit, apparently Sasha Baron Cohen’s newest production Bruno has gotten a NC-17 rating on its first run, not surprisingly. I’ve heard so many crazy things about this movie already I can’t wait to see it, it’s going to be hilarious. Probably ridiculous and crude and raunchy but man how is that not funny every now and then?
  • In favoritesish news, the one and only Bob Barker is making a return to the Price is Right. However he’s not hosting, he’s on the show to promote his new book. Yeah how the man had time to write a book is beyond me. But yeah he’s got a book called Priceless Memories, har har har. Anyhoo, good luck Bob, hope you actually enjoy retirement now.
  • And in other TV news…
    How I Met Your Mother. Haha, I love Lethal Weapon. I love this show. And I love Barney Stinson. “Can I get a straaaaw?” Seriously the whole episode was hilarious. Marshall’s coaching, the lists, Lily telling Marshall off, Barney’s earring, all of it. Love it.

    Fringe. I miss you. Come back. I guess in the meantime I have to just enjoy pictures of Josh on set.

    hellooooo. come back already!

    Grey’s. Ohmygoodness Grey’s. First of all Cristina and Owen, heart them. But man they made me cry at the end of the episode, seriously I was such a nut. And I’m not gonna lie and say that I didn’t cheer in glee when Derek and Meredith officially/ not officially got engaged. And the whole Izzy thing also made me a bit teary and it’s driving me nuts that not even Katherine Heigl knows what’s going to happen. Aye Aye Aye.

    John and Kate Plus 8. Ohmygoodness I always forget just how darn adorable those kids are. Their paintings were so cute, I mean really. And um why the crap is Kate wearing heels to a kid’s museum? I mean really, how is that comfy at all? But um I want to visit this kid’s museum, it looks amazing. And I would be okay if this show didn’t come back. I feel like the family needs a break, and I’d be okay if they took it.

    Top Model. Oh man this season is good. I know I say this every week but I am highly amused this season so far. And I totally called that Kortnie was getting kicked off, it was so obvious. And umm Celia, Celia? Next time Celia keep your mouth shut. For an awesome recap, as always, check out here.

    Greek. Oh Greek, how I have missed you and your amusing ways. And umm Jesse McCartney really? I forgot he was joining the cast this season so I was sort of thrown off by it, I hope he’ll sing, haha. And seriously, love the IKIs, haha. Icky Icky. And Casey and Ash, heart you two. You are besties, I miss my college besties. And aw Calvin way to threaten Evan and stand up for Rusty, heart. And um Cappie, I didn’t think your crazy antics could be topped but alas it seems like they can, haha. And yay Rebecca for not being totally horrible. And um previews for the season? Casey’s bf on one kneee….say whaaaaaaaaaa?

  • And lastly for today’s WTFness we have a website that definitely made me laugh. And reminded me of that creepy British couple that had a bebe but didn’t have a bebe because the 12 year old wasn’t the dad. Whatever, moving on. The site is WTF do you have a kid?, haha.

And that my friends is this week’s Hollywood news. Anything I missed? Let me know.

happy tuesday!