Take that Rachel Ray!

Oh another weekend already over? I mean really why the heck do they go so fast??? If only the work week went as fast as the weekend, haha. Anyhoo the weekend was loverly and I didn’t injure or break anything, woo!

Friday: Like I just said, despite my fears on Friday, I made it through the day without injuring myself or breaking anything, woo. On top of it I even got to leave work a bit early which was awesome. Then headed to dinner with Matt at the rent’s house. We had some cousins in town from South Dakota so it was fun to chat and catch up. After dinner me, Matt, my sister and her friends went out to the bars in Old Town. It was fun to hang out, drink up and have some good laughs.

Matt and I hangin at Jake’s billiards

Kourtney and Matt didn’t really want to have their pictures taken

Jess and Matt takin Irish car bombs, woo

All in all a fun night at the bars. Definitely a great way to unwind from a busy week.

Saturday: Oh the joys of Saturday. Seriously Saturdays are the best. Basically Matt and I spent the day running errands and hanging out, it was great. Our night consisted of a delicious dinner, the Wii, and some wine (okay more than some, a whole freakin lot, I drank a whole bottle by myself, whoops!). The neighbors came over towards the end of the night to play some Scene It Squabble and it was pretty fun hanging out and havin a good time.

Sunday: Slept in a little late and woke up with a headache (damn you wine!) and relaxed most of the day before going walking with my mom (the half marathon is in a week, ah! ohmygosh!). Afterwards I came home and attempted some baking/dinner making. I realized I’d only cooked twice since I made my New Year’s resolutions so I picked out three recipes to try for the week and last night’s dinner was Ham and Cheese turnovers via a recipe I got from Real Simple. And to my surprise it was actually delicious! Granted I substituted pizza dough and just used Pillsbury croissants, but it was still just as delicious.

So yay me! I didn’t burn it or ruin it or anything and Matt and I devoured all of them, haha. Just call me Chef Boyar-Katelin! Hopefully my luck won’t run out and the other two recipes I try this week will be just as tasty.

Anyhoo spent the rest of the nigh relaxing and hoping Monday wouldn’t get here just quite yet.

And how was your weekend? Try any new recipes? Drink too much wine or was that just me?

happy monday!

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