Check list.

Things I have managed to do in the last week aka lazy post day :)

Buy new coral ballet flats on a whim? Check.

Fall in love with said shoes? Check.

Beat the easiest level of labyrinth on the Wii Fit? Check.

Did a happy dance after winning? Check.

Started using TweetDeck for another Twitter account? Check.

Still don’t totally know how to use it? Check.

Laughed at the fact that my 13 year old brother keeps posting comments as Tastay? Check.

Have had two links get on the front page of Check.

Have become slightly obsessed with kirtsy now that I get it? Check.

Watched Finding Neverland and realized how much I love Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet together, almost more than her and Leo, but not quite? Check.

Read Pobby and Dingan and finally decided it’s cute, sad, but cute? Check.

Already started making plans for the weekend? Check and check.

Anything you’re checkin off your list today?

happy wednesday!