As if yesterday’s Oscar post wasn’t enough Hollywood for ya I bring you the real Hollywood post of the week! Woo! Now note though, I’m a little behind on my Hollywood scoop since I was out of the internet gossip world a couple days last week so feel free to let me know what I missed when the post is done. Annnnd are you ready? Got your Oscar all wrapped up Kate? Okay good. And go!

  • This week’s cute bebeness comes from two of the six Jolie-Pitt kids. I may not be the biggest fans of their parents but ohmygoodnessgracious their cuteness is infectious, I just heart them.
    ohemgee Shiloh is so dang precious!

    oh Queen Z you tell em what’s up.

  • Also in cute bebeness it looks like the always adorable Harlow Madden is about to be a big sis! Man that was quick, haha. But really who knew Joel and Nicole would make such a cute kid? Seriously, adorable.

  • Unrelated to bebes and their cuteness, apparently guys listen up there’s a new single lady in town. Megan Fox. Not that I really care but I know plenty of guys that would love to meet/date/do unmentionable things to her so I thought I’d let you know she’s single now. See, I care about my male readers? :)
  • You know what else guy readers, I love Frieda Pinto and you should too. I think I have a girl crush. Oh and I want her wardrobe….love. this. dress.

    just ignore the lady in the back, haha

  • Okay enough stuff for the guys back to the girly stuff….like Twilight. Apparently Summit has already set a release date for Eclipse (6.10.2010). Ummm in a hurry much? I mean what the eff? Why are they rushing such a great franchise. I really hope it doesn’t bomb, I mean really. At least it means more Rob but still, come on now. Speaking of Rob….

    mmmmmhi there ;)

    Oh and apparently he was canoodling with Natalie Portman at the Oscar parties. Well I guess that’s better than Paris Hilton but still, le swoon Rob, le swoon.

  • And because Fringe isn’t back until April and I need my Joshua Jackson fix because I just heart him and I heart his gf Diane Kruger:

    Seriously, they are so stylin and cute and New York (whatever that means) I love it. Heart them.

  • You know who else is stylin’? The First Lady. And apparently (thanks Janet!) there’s a whole blog to following her fashion choices. Seriously I am impressed. And I’m not going to lie, I may be checkin this blog out from time to time. :)
  • And in TV news….
    The City. Yeah I think I’m over it. I love ya Whit, but I’m over your show. Please tell me you’ll make some cameos on the Hills and we’ll still be friends okay? Thanks.

    Oh and the Hills. The Hills people! How do these stupid freakin teasers still get me excited for the show?!?! Why do I watch? But how can I not?!? It’s such a dilemma!!! But seriously, did you see the trailer for the new season? Woa.
    How I Met Your Mother. When the heck are we getting another new episode people??? I mean really. I need my HIMYM and my NPH! And Matt and I finished seasons one and two so now I don’t know what to do. I guess I should just buy season three, haha.

    Heroes. Anyone watching it this time around? I have yet to watch the new chapter and it just seems daunting. But I love the show so I want to watch it I just haven’t had the motivation. Oy.

    Medium. Does anyone besides me, Jen and my mom watch this show? I sort of love it. I love the sci-fi aspect and I love the family dynamic because they are in no way perfect. I definitely recommend checkin it out.

    John and Kate Plus 8. Oh man. I seriously used to love this show but it’s getting harder and harder to watch without saying “whattttt???” every two seconds. The Gosselins not only moved into a ridiculously huge house but they just got two puppies as well. Are these people crazy?? Ugh but those kids are still so adorable. I swear it’s because of this site that I can’t watch the show the same, haha. But yet it’s still on my DVR list.

    Grey’s Anatomy. Like woa. What a way to end that crossover. Some fights, some kissing, some awkwardness, perfect, haha. I am a fan, but seriously Derek when are you going to propose?!?!

    Top Model. So remember last week when I said it was starting tonight? Yeah I was wrong. Dangit. It starts NEXT Wednesday. So mark your calendars peeps. Team Ty Ty! :)

  • And in movie news….
    Remember how at the end of the Oscar’s they played some previews for movie’s coming this year and I said I was so excited and I definitely clapped when I saw the trailer for Public Enemies? Yeah well BuzzSugar reposted it, so check it out if movie previews make you excited.

    Oh and speaking of new movies, Judd Apatow’s latest Happy People, has its first trailer and I am slightly intrigued.

  • And lastly today’s WTF news comes to us from across the ocean again. A prisoner in an Athens jail made a helicopter escape yesterday. Yeah, a helicopter escape. I swear that guy has watched too many movies. But the funniest part is that that wasn’t his first escape, it was his second, and he did it the exact same way!! I have to give him props but at the same time say what the eff people? haha.

And that my friends is all the Hollywood news I have today. Anything I missed? Let me know. And I swear I will be making my rounds back to your blogs shortly, I swear being out of town and then getting sick definitely doesn’t help anything.

happy wednesday!