Hollywood is oh so stylish.

Yeah, yeah it’s not Tuesday but dangit this blog needs it’s weekly dose of Hollywood, so here we go:

  • In today’s bebe cuteness we have little Suri Cruise. She apparently made the world stop at Disneyworld with the fam and Tom had professional people there for a photo shoot….umm a bit intense, but man she’s still adorable.

  • And what kind of post would this be if there wasn’t a second bebe to add to the cuteness!? Blasphemy I say! So without further ado, today’s adorable bebe is my fave of faves, little Violet Affleck with her mom on a way to a birthday party. I swear she is never not smiling, such a cute kid.

  • In other cuteness today we have Justin Timberlake. Now I was never an N*Sync fan and I’ve always been a little eh when it comes to Justin, however lately I just can’t help but like him. His stints on SNL always have me crackin up and he seems to be doing some good work with charities. And yeah I guess I can admit that he is kind of good lookin and according to GQ he’s America’s most stylish guy:

  • You know who else is stylin’ these days? Barbie. Not even kidding. Apparently Barbie has a blog and had a runway show and all that jazz. Not gonna lie, I was a wee bit obsessed with Barbies when I was younger and I still get nostalgic every now and then and cross my fingers that one day I’ll have a daughter that will like Barbies, haha. Umm back to the point, Barbie’s blog. Check. It. Out.
  • Another lady who’s been stylin lately is Isla Fisher on her rounds for promoting Confessions of a Shopaholic (which I’m currently reading). Seriously, she’s adorable. And everything she’s been wearing has just been so cute, I sort of want it all. As simple as it is, I think this outfit may be one of my faves:

    love it.

  • Okay okay and one more lady who’s fashion I’m lovin is Rosario Dawson. Seriously I think I just need to go shopping because all of these cute outfits are driving me crazy…but in a good way of course:
    I love this dress and her shoes and her and ah! Love it all.

  • For today’s Twilight news (I told you I wasn’t done) we’ve got two things. One. Rob Pattinson. Le swoon.
    he’s getting ready to run! haha

    And second. Apparently Madonna is trying to get involved with New Moon, possibly the soundtrack or maybe an actual part. I hope both accounts are wrong. Don’t ruin New Moon people, don’t do it!

  • And in music news…
    Apparently Paris Hilton not only sings horrible music, she freestyles too? Oh dear, someone save the airwaves.

    Second. I forgot how much I love “Everyday” by Dave Matthews Band. No seriously, it’s hard to not have a smile on your face when you listen to this song or even watch the video. It’s just so dang happy and I love it.

    And lastly, my ex-music boyfriend (aka Michael Jackson) is apparently auctioning off some of his valuables in April. And ohmygosh some of that stuff is ridiculous. Okay scratch that, all of the stuff is ridiculous. You can check some of out here, but my favorite one has to be an electric cart he used to ride around Neverland Ranchwith that has him painted as Peter Pan on the hood:


  • In Movie news…The Academy Awards are this Sunday!!!! I cannot wait. Seriously, I’m so excited. I hope Kate wins and umm I don’t really care about anything else, haha. Man I’m such a nerd. But really, I can’t wait.
  • And in TV News…
    Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice. First of all, Shonda. Come on now. Hunt’s ex-fiancee? Didn’t we already do that with Addison? I mean really, she couldn’t be a sister or something? Ugh. Anyhoo, I will say that I was a fan of the extended episode, much better than the crap you pulled last week. And I’m sort of excited for this week’s. Derek and Sloane in a fight? It’s almost too much drama but man do I love it.

    Brothers and Sisters. Rebecca, stop being lame. Nice to know you Tommy, maybe. The end.

    Desperate Housewives. Did you hear that Edie is leaving? For real this time! I’m sort of sad, because even though I don’t loooove her character, she is fun. I say Dave kills her or umm yeah I don’t know what else could happen but I bet something with creepy Dave.

    How I Met Your Mother. No there weren’t any new episodes, but Matt and I finished Season 1 over the weekend and started Season 2 and I’m pretty sure I laughed through all of it. I love this show so much and you should too.

    Criminal Minds. I love this show but man it freaks me out. Cadavers and wigs and ew and ew and creepy. But yeah I still love the show, haha.

    The City. Umm I sort of deleted last week’s episode before I watched it. On purpose. Whoops. I guess I am growing up a bit, that or this show just isn’t that exciting.

    Top Model. Comes back a week from today! Holla! I’m picking Tahlia, only because her hair is awesome, haha.

  • And today’s WTF story comes to us from across the ocean in good ole London. In case you hadn’t heard a 13 year old boy and a 15 year old girl have just become parents! And to top it off the boy looks like he’s 8. It’s crazy. Even weirder, two other boys have stepped up saying they were the father, it’s just bizarre. And I mean why the heck would they be having sex in the first place?! Er I didn’t even know a boy could be a dad at 13!? Seriously everything I learned in Health class is wrong! Haha. But no really, so wrong. Ew.

And that my friends is what’s happening in crazy ole Hollywood, anything I missed? Any fun sightings? Let me know. Woo.

happy wednesday!