Some hotties of Hollywood.

So of course when I got to work on Tuesday and did my morning perusal of one of my fave sites I noticed that almost all of my faves were featured. Of course on Tuesday…after I’d already written and posted my Hollywood post! So alas, today I present you with some of the Hollywood faves lookin their Hollywood best….

  • Apparently actor and musician is not enough for Ryan Gosling, seems like he’s adding adorable photographer to the resume as well….
    heart him.

  • The ever quirky and cute RPatz is still enjoying the London life before filming for New Moon begins and I’ve gotta say, I sort of love the hat look for him, even though his hair is amazing.

    le swoon.

    Maybe I actually just like Brits with beanies? Mmmmmm.

  • Also frolicking around Europe but sans beanie….Leo oh Leo. Although his hair could use a beanie or maybe some tending to, he still looks ever so daper at a charity event in Berlin.

  • Okay apparently everyone is in Europe because Keanu was at the Berlin premiere of his movie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee this week and he actually wore a suit! And nice shoes! (I bet they were both borrowed, haha) And his hair sort of looks brushed! But alas he did not shave, I’m pretty sure he is the most ant-shavingiest guy around. But he’s still my fave.


  • And last but in no way least in my list o’ faves is Joshua. Apparently he was at Comic-Con in New York doing some promo for Fringe, which by the way, did anyone watch Tuesdays!?!? Oh my goodness I freaking squealed like a little girl! So crazy! And ummmwhy is it on hiatus til April!?!? Not cool at all. Okay back to Josh. He just looks so nice and great and gets along well with costars, always a plus. So ummmyeah here’s Josh in all his awesome at Comic-Con.
    so cute!

And that my friends are the faves of Thursday. Aren’t they just so cute and hot and awesome and ah this post just made me swoon.

Hi Matt, I love you! :)

happy thursday!