Hollywood is full of award shows.

It’s Tuesday and I’ve got some Hollywood news for ya, so here we go!

  • In the freaking adorable cute bebe world we have little Pete Schrieber with his dad at the zoo, seriously these pics just made my heart melt a little:

    so cute!

  • Also just as adorable and precious with her dad…little Harlow Madden. I mean seriously, she is just a doll:

    aww wook at those wittle cheeks!

  • And moving on from the bebes because my heart can only take so much cuteness in one post…. apparently there were some awards shows this weekend? BAFTAs? Grammys? Oh yeah. Did I watch them? Not so much. But can I post about them? Heck yes.

    The BAFTAs. YAY KATE!…and Slumdog Millionaire….Ummm that’s all I have to say about that, you can check out all the winners here.

    And don’t shoot me, but I sort of really liked Angelina’s dress. She pulled off yellow and black without looking like a bumble bee…I approve.

    And really, Kate can do no wrong in my eyes:

    And moving on from the BAFTAs….to the Grammy’s shall we?

  • Okay Grammy talk. Well in case you haven’t gone on any website in the past 48 hours, the biggest news out of the Grammy’s wasn’t any of the winners, it was the huge debacle with Chris Brown and Rihanna. All I’ll say is that there has been a charge of domestic violence and Chris Brown has a court date in March and apparently Rihanna checked into Cedars. So needless to say both of them cancelled on the Grammy’s and everyone is baffled. But really, domestic abuse is just not cool.

    Another Grammy mishap was leaving out LeRoi Moore, from the Dave Matthews Band, from the In Memorium tribute. Seriously, how could they forget such a big name in music?? So sad.

    In lighter Grammy news however….apparently Whitney Houston is trying to make a Britney-like comeback. Although she sounded a bit crazy presenting an award, she still looked good and not so coked up as usual.

    Also at the Grammy’s….a very pregnant M.I.A., haha. Seriously the girl performed at the Grammy’s on her due date, gotta love that craziness.

    And in case your curious, all of the Grammy winners can be found here.

  • In other music news, I’ve been playing Duffy’s “Mercy” and Flo Rida’s “Right Round” non-stop. Seriously, both songs are awesome. I highly recommend checkin them out.
  • In non-awards Hollywood news, apparently Rob Pattinson once went on a date with one of his stalkers. Not even kidding….well actually he could have been kidding, but that’s still kind of cool. Maybe I should just head up to Forks and we could grab a drink together…maaaaaybe? :)
  • And in TV news….
    Chuck. So I used to watch Chuck, not so much anymore, but last night I happened to catch some of it and it was the ep with Nicole Richie on it. And I love how Ben Savage is on it too and I never heard a peep about that! Maybe it’s because he didn’t take a picture with me last Summer? Yeah that’s why. :)

    Grey’s Anatomy. Okay so I was so mad that ABC hyped last week’s episode as a crossover when really, a phone cal at the end is not a freakin crossover! However, I was happy to learn that this week’s episode really is the crossover. And oh man can Derek please just propose already!? I was so anxious and excited for them I pretty much squealed the whole episode. And like I said on Friday I was dying with the Cristina and Dr. Hunt sexual tension, it was so hot and so exciting, man I love this show.

  • And in today’s WTF we’ve got two things.
    Numero uno WTF comes from this website…http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/. Oh man just to warn you, it’s ridiculous. Whoever created those food masterpieces either wanted a heart attack or was bored in the kitchen, oy.

    And numero dos in the WTF of the world we have the mom of the octuplets. Seriously I am baffled every day this woman speaks, it’s insanity I tell you, insanity. The woman could win WTF every day for the rest of the year, it’s ridiculous I tell you.

and that my friends is what’s going on in Hollywooooood. Anything I missed?

happy tuesday!