Argggh the weekend’s over already.

Another weekend come on gone and man do they go by too fast. Anyhoo, care to hear how I spent mine? Sure? Okay? Why not? Sit back, grab yourself a drink and make yourself comfy cause here we goooooo:

Friday: After battling the rains I finally made it home and had some leftovers as Matt headed out to a bar with his boss. I was actually pretty pumped to have the place to myself for a bit so I blared some Duffy, some Jason Mraz and some poppy girl music and attempted to “become a baking master” and making banana bread a second time now that I actually had baking powder. And woo for me it actually turned out okay this time:

After Matt got home, the neighbors came over and we enjoyed a night of pirateness. We all drank rum and fun drinks in our pirate glasses, wore some pirate bandannas and enjoyed watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It was great.

Saturday: I don’t remember a day I was so lazy. Matt and I went over to his mom’s house to do some laundry and we ended up watching The Mummy 3 while waiting for it all to get done, I took a couple naps in between and we got tons of clothes cleaned which is always a plus. Afterwards, me, Matt and his mom headed over to CPK for dinner, which was delicious, per usual. I had their new ravioli and ohmygod it was so good. Post my CPK food coma, Matt and I came home, had some wine, played the Wii and watched Bad Boys 2. All in all one hell of a night in, woo.

Sunday: Relaxed a bit in the morning with Matt before we headed to my parents house for a while. After that we went to our friends house on the West side for lunch. It was great hanging out and talking about their upcoming wedding with them and just all around having a good time. After hanging out a while we went to pick up my friend Liz who was in town for a quick business trip and we headed to the beach!

me and Lizzy on the pier

gotta love the beach

me and Matt and our awesome cropped pants

Liz was crazy enough to go in the water, haha

Although it was a bit cold, it was definitely nice to walk around the beach. We all grabbed dinner at a fun little place, chatted, caught up and it was great. Always nice to a see a college friend, always.

After killing some time at Border’s we took Liz to the airport then came home and crashed. Although we didn’t do a ton this weekend, Matt and I were both wiped out. So it was nice to come home, enjoy the sound of the rain and crash a bit.

And how was your weekend? Stay dry and warm I hope?

happy monday!

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