A Fun Facts Friday.

Also known as “I didn’t really know what else to blog about and fun facts are always fun, especially on Fridays” and I love alliteration, I mean…who doesn’t?

So here we go.

Fact 1. Mike Vitar aka Benny “The Jet” Rodriqguez is a firefighter in Los Angeles and I should probably meet him.

Fact 2. Paul Walker is Mormon, who knew?

Fact 3. I totally typed this post wearing gloves because it is insanely cold right now…and by insanely cold I mean like 50, whatever.

Fact 4. All polar bears are left-handed.

Fact 5. No word in the English dictionary rhymes with “month.”

Fact 6. Tonight me, Matt and our neighbors are partaking in Pirate Night 3.0. There will be rum and lots of arrghhhhs to go around. I cannot wait.

Fact 7. Friday is the best day of the week…especially when it’s pay day.

Fact 8. The BBQ chicken pizza from Garlic Jim’s is freaking phenomenal.

Fact 9. The sexual tension between Cristina and Dr. Hunt is way hotter than it was between Cristina and Burke, waaay hotter, haha. Oh Grey’s Anatomy how I love you.

Fact 10. Poladroid is so fun and quite addicting.

Now don’t you feel so much more informed? haha. Anyhoo hope you all have a most fabulous weekend, woo!

happy friday!