A Superrific weekend.

Why hello there freaders, welcome back. Have a good weekend? I hope so. Oh? And mine? It was actually pretty laid back and relaxingish, basically just the way I like it every now and then. Welleelllll let me share:

Thursday: Heck yeah I’m posting Thursday as part of my weekend because Thursday night was awesome. After work I headed over to the West Side for a fabulous impromptu last minute bloggy meetup with some of my faves, Sarah, Kerri and Ev’Yan (who posted a fabulous recap already if you want to check it out.) After battling the traffic we all got there and roamed around Sarah’s hotel area to find a place to eat, laughing the whole time. Eventually we went to the food court area, all grabbed different things to eat and sat and chatted for such a long time, it was seriously like we knew each other forever (well I’m guessing reading about each others life also gave good conversation starters, haha). After dinner we just hung out in Sarah’s room a bit, enjoyed the amazing view and each others company until I eventually had to call it quits and head home since I had work the next morning. All in all I’m so glad I made it and we all got to meet, and in case you’re wondering, all of those ladies are awesome. So thank you ladies for a great evening, sorry if I talked too much, haha and hopefully we’ll get to meet again soon!

Friday: After work I headed home and then out to dinner with Matt, his mom, brother and a friend at a delicious Italian restaurant. I mean really, the lasagna was phenomenal, I love lasagna! And it was good to spend some time with Matt’s fam and what not. After dinner Matt and I came home to some more wine and the Italian Job (appropiate right? haha) However the wine pretty much knocked me out and I think I only saw about ten minutes of the movie before Matt kicked me off the couch and into bed, haha.

Saturday: My day o errands. I seriously was all over town before three, it was ridiculous. Then at three I did my six mile Rose Bowl walk (which is going to be upped to nine next weekend, oy vey) which was actually quite nice since the weather was perfect here. After walking Matt and I headed to my aunt and uncle’s house for a night of tacos, margaritas and Apples to Apples, three of my favorite things! We pretty much played all night, which was so much fun. But by the time we got home at like 11:30 I was ready for bed yet again, seriously I’m so old.

Sunday: After waking up at 10 (heck yes I almost got twelve hours of sleep) I moseyed around the place for a bit before running some more errands, seriously I’m an errand master. And while I was running errands, Matt was getting himself a new car. So of course when I got home Matt was in the spot messing around with his new toy, haha:

So obviously if you ask him it was an awesome day. Not only did he get his dream car but he even got to watch the Super Bowl after, haha. So after messing around with the car a bit we headed to Matt’s brother’s girlfriend’s parents house to watch the first part of the game. I must say, there really wasn’t a whole lot to the game in the first half. And my goodness there were a lot of car commercials. I have to say though, speaking of the commercials, I think the Doritos ones were the best this year. Seriously I laughed out loud at all of them, hilarious.

And I must say also, I loved that there were so many movie previews, made the movie lover in me get all excited! I mean, how could I not get excited for G.I. Joe, Transformers 2, Angels and Demons, Land of the Lost, and Star Trek??? So ummm yeah we saw the rest of the game at Matt’s dad’s house where I somehow got into the game and was screaming most of the fourth quarter at the Cardinals to get their act together, haha. I’m pretty convinced that if they had done “the annexation of Puerto Rico” they could have won it, haha.

Anyhoo after the game Matt and I came home to play some Wii, do some reading and relax the night away prepping for another week of working. Loverly.

And how was your weekend? Super I hope? :)

happy monday!