A very Merry Unbirthday to me.

Three months from this last Sunday is my birthday. My birthday people, my 25th birthday to be more exact. I will be hitting both a golden age and a silver age all in one day. What am I talking about you ask? Well I’ve always heard that your golden birthday is when you turn the age of the date of your birthday. Well I’ll be turning 25 on April 25th hence the goldeness of my birthday. And the silver? Well apparently 25 is silver? Who knew? I didn’t.

But who cares about all this silver and gold business, what’s most important is that it will be my birthday and it’s on a Saturday! Which basically means it has to be awesome. And if you didn’t know by now, I love birthdays! Not just mine, other people’s too, but the fact that it will be my birthday is just so exciting!

And no I’m not freaking out about turning 25, in fact I’m sort of excited. Next time I rent a car it’ll be cheaper (wahoo!) and ummmm I don’t know what else gets better at 25 but I don’t care I’m excited. 25 just sounds awesome, it sounds sophisticated, it sounds mature. Not that I am either of those last two, but still….awesome.

And ummm why am I talking about my birthday that is three months away you ask? Well, because I need your help!

I want this birthday to be awesome. It’s on a Saturday, I have so many options but I just can’t figure out what the heck I should do. I thought about renting out a couple lanes at Lucky Strike or doing a themed bar crawl or just having a party at my place or going to dinner with a ton of people per usual or going to the beach if weather permits. I just don’t know!

So this is where you all come in, I neeeeeed ideas! Just note it should be something a lot of people can come to and they’re all over 21. Other than that, help a sister out! This birthday is the birthday to end all birthdays so it has to be fantabulous!

You guys rock my socks off.


happy wednesday!