It’s Tuesday and there really is a Hollywood post.

Oh it’s Tuesday and I’m actually talking Hollywood today? Why of course I am. The past two weeks necessitated some change ups but I’m back in full swing with a good ole Hollywood post, and here we go:

  • This week’s cute bebe goes to little Valentina Pinault, the daughter of Salma Hayek. Seriously she is just turning into the cutest little thing, it’s just too dang adorable:


  • And this week’s second cute lil bebe is little Heidi Klum and Seal’s son Henry, seriously this picture just made me laugh and I love this kid’s hair….obviously:
  • In music/musical news, apparently the Michael Jackson hit song, Thriller, is going to be turned into a Broadway musical. No I did not make that up.
  • In Twilight news (oh you thought I stopped didn’t you? haha) apparently little ole Dakota Fanning has been cast or is incredibly close to sealing the deal to play Jane in New Moon. I actually think it’s a pretty good pick and Dakota is growing on up so I think she could rock it.
  • In favorites news, Josh and Diane have finally been spotted together again, I was starting to get worried for a quick sec. But never fear their cuteness just melts my little heart, love them:

  • In other favoritests news, remember how I was supposed to go to Josh Kelley’s concert last week but I couldn’t find anyone to go with me so I wussed out and missed seeing him in concert even though he’s one of my faves? You do. Yeah well I was pretty bummed to see that Katherine Heigl (his wife) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan went to the show! What the eff?! I missed seeing them and Josh! Ah. Next time Josh, I promise!
  • Oh and the SAG awards were last night….. yeah I didn’t really watch and some of the usual suspects won, you can check it all out here. But I did see some of the fashion choices and seriously some just had to be shared:
    Taraji P. Henson was working it, love this

    clearly I have a girl crush on Kate, I can’t help it

    Claire, I want this dress, kthxbai

    Okay I lied, Viola Davis I want this dress, WANT

    I know there were a ton of other fab and not so fab gowns but these were my top choices of ones I’d like to own and wear to my own formal shindig.

    Oh and for most awkard interview Giulana at E! wins the prize trying to talk to Angelina Jolie and Brad. Oy.

  • Speaking of the Sag Awards….So I saw Doubt this weekend and ummm. I liked it, thought it was good, but I sort of left the theater thinking “what the eff?” and “why is every Oscar nominated movie so damn depressing?”. Don’t get me wrong I love me some good dramas but I definitely have to space it out when I see them. Oh and I loved Meryl and Amy the best, both were amazing in their roles and perfect for it, love love.
  • And in TV news we have….
    Fringe. Oh man. What a comeback episode for the second half of the season. Seriously this show is intense and crazy and did I say intense already because it is. So if you love Josh and weird Sci-Fi business you should definitely check it out.

    Criminal Minds. Speaking of intense my goodness this week’s ep of Criminal Minds was ridiculous. It was so freaky and bizarre and a family that kills people together and ugh, shudder. I still love the show but man I have to watch it in the day time all the time, haha.

    The City. I may or may not be giving up on this show. I’m not sure yet. I missed last week’s ep and I was okay with that and I’m in no hurry to watch this week’s. Maybe I’ll just stick to reading Working Girl’s recaps, they pretty much nail it.

    CSI: NY. Apparently they’re letting anybody act these days because Ashlee Simpon and Pete Wentz filmed a stint for an upcoming episode where they play Bonnie and Clyde like bank hooligans. Ummmmm. Okay? Eck.

    Ugly Betty. Now I haven’t watched this show in a while but I do enjoy it when I do so I was pretty bummed to see that ABC is benching it. Now it’s not officially cancelled but it looks like it may be heading that way. But come on ABC, don’t do it! We need America Ferrara!

  • And lastly in today’s WTF news we have…..Stains the dog! Now it’s not really a WTF story but oh my gosh this dog is hilarious. Julie already talked about him and he’s all over Dlisted but when I saw the clip on the Soup I could not stop laughing and definitely rewatched it, haha. And who is Stains you asked? Stains is a dog who’s owners wanted him to stop stealing food from the kitchen so they hypnotized him (drugged him?) and it’s just hilarious. Here, here Joel’s clip sums it up best, enjoy. And ps. who names their dog Stains? I mean really.

And that my friends is Hollywood Tuesday? Anything I missed add it to the comments.


happy tuesday!