If I had live blogged the Oscar nominations….

Yes this is definitely the week o Hollywood on my blog and the Oscar nominations coming out yesterday warrant a whole other blog post from me. So if I had had my computer open this morning as I saw the announcements this is probably what you would have heard me say:

Actor in a Leading Role.
The Visitor, what the eff is that movie?
Uh huh, figured, play a president get a nom.
Yep, knew it, Sean’s Oscar gold.
Okay that works, way to go Brad.
WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!? Mickey!!? No LEO!!?! NO LEO!?!? For Shame! (okay I wouldn’t have said that, but still). Next time Leo, next time.

Actor in a Supporting Role.
Oh nice job Josh, first nomination.
Excuse me? Did we watch the same movie? Robert Downey Jr.? A what? Did I hear that right?
You just won an Oscar Phil, so umm yeah you don’t need another.
Heath oh Heath, I hope you win it, I really do.
Yesssssssss. You were awesome in Revolutionary Road Michael, a true crazy person, haha.

Actress in a Leading Role.
Awww yay Anne, heart you!
Oh Ang, one to match Brad.
Frozen River? Ummmmwhat?
Oh the Academy does love Merryl. Fifteen nominations my goodness woman.
KAAAAAAAAAAAAATE! Yay KATE! Okay Kate, it’s your year to win it. I feel it!

Actress in a Supporting Role.
Oh Giselle!!! Amy Adams I heart you.
Okay now I need to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona, haha.
Viola who? Ooooh I see you on GMA, I recognize you. Congrats.
Oh Taraji movin on up in the world, woo woo.
Aw Marisa I heart you too.

Best Picture.
Okay if I can just find three hours of my day I’ll eventually see Ben Button.
If only I was into politics I think I would want to see Frost/Nixon. Oy.
Milk oh Milk. I need to see this one. Need to.
Kaaaaaaaaaate! I need to see this one, it looks creepy but I need to.
Yes, Yes and Yes! Slumdog Millionaire for the win! Come oooooooon.

Well those are the biggies, to see the full list check it out here. And squeeee for the Oscar’s, a month from yesterday! I cannot wait!

Anyhoo, anything making you squeeeee today?!

happy weekend all!