A Beach-ful, Party-ful weekend of woo!

Well hello there again, hope you all had a lovely weekend. I would be using today’s post to talk about how exciting it is to be an American today, but alas I’m writing this post Monday night so I can’t really reflect too much just yet. So tomorrow it is. Instead…I share with you, my ridiculous weekend, woo!

Friday: After work I headed home to a night of a delicious dinner, Wii playing and DVR catching up with Matt. Afterwards our neighbor came over to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and partake in Pirate Night 2.0, haha. It wasn’t nearly as ridiculous as the last time, but it was still a good time.

Saturday: Spent the morning at the apartment dilly dallying around for a bit before Megan came over so we could head to the beach. Seriously it was a gorgeous day at Venice Beach and it was awesome to get there early. Me, Megan and Matt walked around the boardwalk area, saw all the crazies, my fave was a guy chilling that was holding a sign that said “F*** milk. Got pot?”, haha. Seriously, Venice is like the Berkeley of So Cal, freaking ridiculous.

Anyhoo, we hung out in the hotel room a bit before starting the real party.

the view from the hotel room, lav it
Matt and JR actin all silly like
me and the birthday girl enjoying some wine, holla

Eventually we headed to the club where we drank and danced all night long, it was awesome.

some of the ladies enjoying the partay

the birthday girl and her boy

party! party!

me and my silly boy, love

oh what a crazy birthday girl

twinnies for life, haha

After the club, the night got a wee bit crazy, almost too crazy to post about so I’ll just say we didn’t get home til 3 and it took some major cab calling and maneuvering back to the hotel, haha. All in all it was a great way to spend Megan’s birthday. Love it.

Sunday: Got home earlyish, relaxed, caught up on the DVR Went to an early showing of Revolutionary Road with my mom. I must say, it was a really good movie, Leo looked so good, Kate was amazing, but overall it was just so sad. A great story, but man so so intense. After the movie we did our six mile walk at the Rose Bowl, gotta train for the marathon in two months. After walking I came home and caught up on more TV, hung out with Matt and just had a relaxing night in.

Monday: Seriously can every weekend just be a three day weekend? It was great to sleep in, do some stuff around the apartment, run some errands, then I met my movie buddy, Courtney at the movies and saw Last Chance Harvey. It was a really awkward but really cute movie. Definitely more uplifting than Revolutionary Road and pretty quirky, definitely recommend it. After the movie I did some shopping then headed to my friend Katrina’s house for dinner with her fam and got to play with her son for a bit which was great. Afterwards I spent my night with the new Wii Fit (seriously Matt is the best boyfriend eva!) and catching up on the DVR (I swear I’ll always have shows on there, haha).

All in all it was another great weekend and I’m already looking forward to next week, haha.

And how was your weekend?

happy tuesday!

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