This post is full of Awesome.

Seriously, it is. Because it’s Friday and my brain has been fried from work and life and too much wine and Wii playing, I’m going to share all of the awesome that encompasses my life right now.


  • Today is Friday! Friday = awesome.
  • This morning I woke up, did some Wii boxing, I’m getting fit…it’s awesome.
  • Yesterday at work I got congrats for doing such a good job on a campaign…pats on back = awesome.
  • Did I mention it’s Friday? Yeah that’s awesome.
  • One of my bosses is amazing and knows people who work with O.A.R. so I’m hopefully seeing them next Friday and I can barely contain my excitement. O.A.R. = awesome to the max!
  • Speaking of music, Josh Kelley is performing at the Hotel Cafe next Wednesday at 10 if anyone would like to join me??? I need a concert buddy because JK = awesomeeee.
  • Tomorrow is one of my best friend’s birthday, I wrote her a fabulous birthday post last year and I don’t really think I can top it. So here it is for you to check out again.

    Happy Birthday Megan!

  • And for her birthday we’re heading to the beach….in January….California = awesome.
  • Not only that but we’re staying at a hotel on the beach, in a suite, where we can party, and then take a cab to the bar and no one will have to drive. Yeah, that’s just awesome in a bottle. (I have no idea what that means, haha)
  • Yesterday I booked a free trip I had to Vegas for Matt and I in March. And it’s not for a wedding! Two points to me for fun times and actually starting in on my New Year’s resolutions! Free trip to Vegas, the boyfriend, fulfilling goals = awesomeness.
  • The Super Bowl giveaway is still going strong, so don’t forget to enter!
  • Oh and did I mention that it’s Friday meaning 6:30 is officially the weekend? I did? Oh. Well did I mention it’s a three day weekend? No? I didn’t. Because I forgot and lspoon reminded me? Yes. Yes a three day weekend is all sorts of awesome. Holla.

And that my friends is all that is awesome in the world of Katelin right now. Hope you have a weekend full of awesomeness. Woo!

happy weekend!