A Golden day in Hollywood.

Why hello there dear freaders, glad you could make it to today’s Hollywood post. It’s going to be a little off the norm since the Golden Globes were on Sunday and I’m a sucker for awards shows so sit back, enjoy the pictures and don’t laugh at me too much:

  • First of all, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Kate! Seriously when Kate Winslet’s name was announced as the first winner of the night I let out a squeal I was so happy. The woman’s been nominated seven times, she deserved a freakin win! But ohmygoodness when she won the second award for Revolionary Road I about lost it. Yes I am a huge nerd I’ll admit this, but when she was giving her speech I definitely teared up I was so happy for her. And when she thanked Leo! Ah! My heart couldn’t handle it, I was thirteen all over again. Yeah and I’m pretty sure they’ve taken over the top spot of my favorite duos, my goodness, heart them. Seriously, congrats Kate! You are awesome.

  • Okay and just because I love them so much, here’s a pic of my fave duo on the red carpet. Oh and while we’re on the subject of Leo and his non-win, I hope the Wrestler really is good, because it doesn’t look appealing to me at. all. But it’s okay Leo you already have a Golden Globe, just aim for the Oscars okay?

  • And done gushing about Kate and Leo. Next up, Heath Ledger. It’s crazy for me still, almost a year later, that Heath isn’t around. Even after watching the Dark Knight again on Sunday (and being totally creeped out, in a good way), it still didn’t hit me that if he won on Sunday, he wouldn’t be there to accept his award. So when he did win, and Christopher Nolan went up to accept it, I couldn’t help but tear up again. His speech was a perfect tribute to Heath and I’m glad to hear that his award will be going to Matilda, as it should.
  • In other good Golden Globes news, Slumdog Millionaire swept for every award it was nominated for. Seriously, this movie is the sleeper hit of the year and I love it. It’s such a good movie with a great story behind it and it just made me so happy to see everyone involved with the movie sincerely overjoyed whenever it won an award. So if you haven’t seen it yet, I say you do, like now! What are you waiting for?
  • One of the funniest moments of the night was when 30 Rock won for best comedy and Tracy Morgan was the one to accept the award. Oh man, I couldn’t stop laughing. So far I can only find a short clip of it, but if you want a good laugh search for the whole thing, “Take that Cate Blanchett!”, haha. Oh and Tina’s acceptance speech for winning best actress was pretty classic as well, “Take that haters!
  • Ooh, ooh! The other win of the night I was pretty excited for was Colin Farrell for In Bruges. I’m pretty sure I was one of the few people to see that movie and I really enjoyed it. So congrats to Colin for being such a surprise win!

  • As for the outfits of the night, I think all of the dresses sort of looked the same. Lots and lots of layering and fabric and big pieces of fabric sticking out on them. With that said however, I did have a couple faves:
    Isla Fisher
    don’t know why, but I really liked this one
    a different color may have worked better
    but I’m still a fan

    Eva Longoria Parker

    seriously, she worked it

    Jane Krakowski

    seriously love this one, except
    where is the other strap?
    Maybe ScarJo or Vanessa took it finally, haha

    Laura Linney

    absolutely love this one
    heck I would rock it, maybe a little less bling
    but I’d rock it

    Mary Louis Parker

    she’ll always be Ruth to me
    and I just love this dress, the shape, the color

  • Oh man and how did I only include Leo in the dashing men category? Okay one for the road since this post is getting ridiuculous. And the hottie winner is….
    Simon Baker
    Seriously, the man is hot

Oh and in case you missed it, the full list of the Golden Globe nominees and winners can be found here, enjoy.

Anyhoo, what was your fave part of the show? Anything I missed?

And expect another Hollywood post this week, I mean, I have to give the Affleck’s time to share the new baby’s name, haha.

happy tuesday!