Starting off ’09 with a Wii.

Annnnnd I’m back. I really was in no form to write a post for Friday so I figured I’d just leave you with my New Year’s resolutions for a while. Anyhoo the week/weekend was glorious, glorious I say people. I was such a bum and it was amazing. So without further ado I present you my past couple of days and my start to the New Year, surprisingly without many pictures so I’ll keep it short since pictures are always the most fun part….

Wednesday: Well since I didn’t have to work I slept in to some ungodly hour then woke up and played the Wii for a while, seriously I love that thing. Other than that I couldn’t really tell you what I did the rest of the day, haha. Once Matt got home we had some dinner and finally made some plans for the night. We ended up going up to Matt’s brother’s girlfriend’s parent’s house for New Year’s festivities. It ended up being pretty fun hanging out, drinking lots of champagne and meeting some new people.

me and my New Year’s date :)
me and Michaela, heart her

All in all it was a lovely night ringing in the new year with Matt and friends.

Thursday: In a nutshell. Woke up early, drove home, almost weren’t allowed on our street (damn Rose Parade), passed out til 11, went to my parent’s house for football (fight on!) and good food, went to Matt’s dad’s house for more football, back home for relaxation aka the Wii, friends came over for dinner, same friends brought over Guitar Hero World Tour, partied like rock stars all night long.

everyone rockin out

Matt and Steve showing off their rocker skills

All in all it was a great night with lots of rocking (and not rocking on my part, seriously I suck at the guitar, haha) and fun times.

Friday: Another day of awesome laziness. Seriously it was just me and my Wii, with a couple of errands tossed in the mix. Not even kidding I am mastering bowling and tennis and still sucking at Mario Kart, haha. Matt and I basically spent our night hanging out, drinking wine, and playing Mario Party on the Wii, such a lax night and definitely awesome.

Saturday: Went and saw Bedtime Stories with the fam, which I actually really liked it’s super cute then met up with Matt and some friends at Yard House. I had their new grilled cheese with four cheeses and tomato bisque, so tasty I highly recommend it. Afterwards a couple of us came back to our apartment for more wine and some Wii. Really, I don’t know if I’ll ever go out again, haha. But no, it was awesome, I had an intense tennis match with my friend Blake it was hilarious and can’t wait to play him again.

Sunday: Started the day off early with brunch for Matt’s dad’s birthday then did a four mile walk with my mom before heading off to my cousin’s birthday party and ultimately coming home to hang out, play the Wii and soak up the last seconds of vacation time. Twas loverly.

All in all it was my kind of vacation weekend, loved it all. And I still can’t believe we’re in 2009 already!!

Anyhoo how was your weekend? 2009 looking good I hope?

happy monday!