Obsessed with ’08.

While I know not many people are checking blogs today and what not but I figured I’d throw in my two cents to end the year with. While I could reflect on something that happened each month this past year or give my top movie reviews of ’08 or TV shows I think you should all be watching. But alas I have decided simply to share my top obsessions of ’08.

Yes I said it, top obsessions. Probably not too hard to figure out but hey I might as well give credit to the obsessions that made my year a little bit more exciting, haha.

First up, we have Wicked. Yes I was obsessed with it last year, but this year I took my obsession to new lengths and flew across the country in the middle of the week to see it a second time with my best friend. I even saw it a third time this year when Matt surprised me with tickets. Now if that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is, haha.

My next big obsession of the year was meeting celebrities! Seriously I had two of the greatest and most amazing run ins of my life this year: Jordan Knight and Ryan Gosling. Le swoon oh le swoon. I can only hope that I’ll have even more amazing and wonderful run ins in ’09.

Next up, we have reading. I want to give myself a pat on the back for reading 23 books since March. My initial goal was 10, and I made it to 23, hark! I don’t remember the last time I read that many books and enjoyed so many of them in the process. Seriously, reading is awesome.

While on the subject of reading the next obsession of ’08 is Twilight. I mean I know this one’s obvious since Twilight pretty much took over the blog for the last three months but really, can you blame me? The book just made me feel like a tween again and the movie just made me swoon over Rob Pattinson.

Speaking of Rob Pattinson, ummmmyeah he’s officially numero uno on the ’08 obsessions list. The guy came out of nowhere and he sings and acts and has that brooding look down and my goodness his hair! Ahhhhmazing. I hope to see more of him for sure next year and hey maybe I’ll even get to meet him….one can only hope :)

And that my friends is what I was obsessing over most in ’08. Can’t wait to see what new things ’09 will present me with :)

And hope you all have a most fabulous and wonderously amazing New Year’s Eve!

happy wednesday!