Christmas is all around.

Seriously people, I love Christmastime. This weekend was amazing! So much fun, so much Christmasness, so many parties and all around fantabulousness. I’m warning you now, this post may be a wee bit long, but there are plenty of pictures to compensate, woo:

Thursday: The day of the office holiday party, woo. As I mentioned on Friday it was a grand ole time of debaucherous fun and now I have some pictures to go with it:

everyone getting their drink on, woo woo

rockin “the duck” face

we just looove kimmy, haha

Nikki testing out her furry petter hand on me, haha

love these guys

Seriously it was a great night, even if we were freezing outside (yes freezing, 46 is cold people!), haha. I love my work parties, always a good time, especially with an open bar, haha.

Friday: After getting off work a little early Matt and I headed off to a birthday dinner for our friend. It was fun meeting some of her other friends and having tasty Mexican food and pina coladas (I was so set on having margaritas, but I overdid my margaritaness at the work party, haha). After going into a nice food coma we came home and caught up on our DVR and relaxed a bit, saving our energy for our party the next time. Twas loverly.

Saturday: The day of holiday awesome. After starting off the day on an errand frenzy Matt and I finally got our place fully decorated with lights and more ornaments on the tree, got food and drinks ready and were all decked out in our Christmas best for one hell of a party:

Matt and I in front of the tree,
rockin our holiday bestest

the girlfriends joined in on the brother pic

me and AJ with his most fabulous Christmas sweater

oh yeah you’re seeing this right,
my family
definitely crashed the party, haha wow

Megan, JR and Megan rockin the Xmas spirit

taking some peppermint patty shots,


me with my sis and cousin
and their
fabulous Christmas outfits

some of the HS group showed up, love it

the last of the party, woo

Matt and Marissa rockin out

Me and AJ gettin down, haha

this is what happens when you listen
Mariah Carey at two in the morning, haha

All in all it was one hell of a party. We somehow fit 30ish people in our little apartment, danced the night away and drank massive amounts of alcohol goodness and had a grand ole Christmas time. Woo.

Sunday: After sleeping in a bit, we woke up to one partied out apartment, haha. After some cleaning Matt and I headed off to watch my most favorite thing about Christmas, the Nutcracker. Seriously it just makes me so incredibly happy to watch it and pretend I’m a ballerina. I think I may have even teared up watching it I was so happy (but don’t tell Matt, he already thinks I’m a weirdo, haha). Basically it was amazing and I love seeing it every year.

Matt and I at intermission
*note the new necklace, an early Xmas gift from Matt
loooooove it :)

After the Nutcracker we headed over to my friend’s cookie party where lots of friends and their families showed up, enjoyed good food and company, and decorated a ton of cookies, it was so much fun. And my friend’s son was definitely entertaining, especially as he worked on his modeling moves, haha:

freaking how cute is he?!?

Anyhoo that was my weekend and I’m so bummed it’s over because it was fabulous.

And how was your weekend? Any holidayness activities?

happy monday!