I’m nutty for Christmas.

So besides just being on a happy high lately, I’ve also gotten into the Christmas spirit as well. I’m pretty sure I’ve already listened to the Nutcracker Suite three times, New Kids On the Block’s Merry Merry Christmas about five times and Harry Connick Jr.’s Christmas CDs more times than I care to admit, and that fact makes me ecstatic. Christmas is 20 days away! 20! Ah, I love it.

And all the presents I ordered online last week have come in, now I just need to actually buy some wrapping paper and present essentials to put them all together. And next weekend Matt and I are getting our tree and going to my office holiday party and having one of our own, and ah! I love it.

So to stay in the holiday spirit I told you how last weekend I decorated the apartment with whatever decorations my mother bestowed upon me when I officially moved out, yeah well last night I decided to take pictures of it all and share with you fine folks, enjoy!

love the blanket, so much

the Nutcracker shelf is my favorite, seriously I have
so many Nutcracker themed things

more Nutcrackers, woo

even Matt’s shalaylee (er I have no idea how to spell that)
is decked out

annnd the stuffed animals corner

And that my friends is our holidayed apartment so far. I want to get more decorations that aren’t all Nutcracker themed, haha. Seriously did you see how many different Nutcrackers I have? I can’t help it, I love them and my mother indulges in my obsessions, haha.

Anyhoodles, that’s our place. Do you have any Christmas thing you love the most?

Hope you all have a most fabulous weekend and if you’re an LA blogger I hope I see you tonight!!!

happy weekend all!

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