Just call me Jessie Spano…without the pills.

I’m so exciiiiiiiited and I just cant hiiiiiiiiiide it.

Yes I really did just serenade you on my blog, I do what I want.

Or it may just be the wine talking.


Anyhoo. I know yesterday I was a teacher, but today I am just happy. Seriously there are so many things that are making me beyond happy right now, such as:

  • Tomorrow is the LA Bloggers Meetup! I’m so excited I may just let out a squee! Squeeeeee. I’m also slightly itsy bitsy nervous. I don’t know where we’ll ll meet in the bar or how it will work out, but everyone knows what I look like so they can just find me right? woo.
  • Yesterday was such a kick ass day at work. I know I don’t talk about my job that often on here but lately I was feeling so blah about the work that I was doing but yesterday and Tuesday I finally felt like I was kicking ass and it felt amazing. Gotta love a good day in the office.
  • This is my 500th post. Holler. That means I’ve blogged 499 other posts up until this one and that just sounds cool. Hand me my cool badge now please.
  • Last night I hung out with my neighbor, watched Stylista, drank wine and just chatted and got to know each other a little bit better. Seriously she rocks.
  • The Prop 8 Musical video on Funny or Die. It’s amazing, hilarious and oh so true. Watch it and watch it now. Then laugh. And thank me later.
  • Henry Pugglestein. My friend Zoe’s dog. Don’t get my wrong, Zoe makes me happy too but Henry is so dang cute and I just want to snuggle him and I haven’t even met him yet. Ah! Presh!

  • Matt. I am just so in love with him sometimes I can’t even describe it. He is just so goofy and ridiculous and embraces me when I’m equally (if not more) absurd and hilarious and it just makes me smile.
  • I bought a new box of popcorn and I seriously can find any reason to pop a bag, popcorn is just so damn tasty and makes me oh so happy.

Clearly it’s the little things that are making grin today and that’s okay.

Or it’s those glasses of wine I had while writing this.

Same thing.

Anyhoodles, hope you all have a most fabulous day.

And what are you happy about today?

happy thursday!