Turkey + wine + laziness = Amazing.

Oh man, can every weekend be a long weekend? I mean really, it was amazing. Want to hear about it…okay, here goes…oh but be warned it’s probably going to be a bit long, but there’s always pictures, woo:

Wednesday: After getting off of work at 1 I came home and relaxed and watched bad TV, it was awesome. However the most unawesome part of my weekend happened Wednesday night. While grating Parmesan cheese for dinner I somehow missed the cheese and grated my thumb knuckle. It was awful. And disgusting. And ridiculously painful. Eck. After the grating incident my sister and HS friend came over to hang out for the night where we all had tons of wine and lots of good times, woo.

Thursday: After Matt headed over to his mom’s house I stayed in, relaxed and finished Breaking Dawn. I was (and still am) seriously so sad to be done reading the Twilight books and chances are I’ll be compelled to reread them eventually but for now I’ll just be happy talking about it with anyone who wants to, haha.

Anyhoo, the main part of the day came later in the afternoon when my family went over to Matt’s mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was actually a really good time, took the sibling Christmas photo:

Both of our families had tons of wine, lots of great food and an all around entertaining evening. I sort of wouldn’t mind if we did Thankgiving like this again in the future, crazy I know, haha. But it was fun. After dinner and dessert Matt and I ended up staying at his mom’s house (several bottles of wine can do that to a person, haha) hanging out with some friends and watching TV, twas loverly.

Friday: Sadly Matt had to work on Friday, whereas I enjoyed the perks of sleeping in and relaxing to the max. I even indulged in some Black Friday sales online for the first time ever, which was fun and also hit up the Hallmark for some deals, woo. Other than that I got into the holiday spirit and watched The Holiday and Love Actually. Seriously how can you not love those movies? Anyhoo Friday night was much more exciting, went over to my friend’s parents house where a bunch of high school people got together and drank and hung out and caught up, it was great. On top of it all one of my friends got engaged on Thanksgiving which is awesome since I love his fiance, granted Matt freaked out a bit since it’s one of is best friends, haha.

me and Jo, oh I miss this girl
apparently my hair is tasty, haha
Matt and Kyle hangin out

apparently something was really funny
the guys did not want their picture taken, oh well, haha
I guess I didn’t get the memo for the funny face

All in all it was a great night hanging out with the high school kids.

Saturday: Got to sleep in again which was awesome and went out to lunch with more friends in town for the holiday. It was another great time reminiscing, hanging out and having delicious food. After lunch I headed out to dinner for my sister’s birthday dinner with the fam at Olive Garden, twas another tasty time.

being a good sister and buying my little 21 year old sis a drink before dinner, woo

After dinner my parents, my sis, and my aunt all went to the shadiest, sketchiest and most awesome dive bar ever that just happens to be like a two minute walk from my apartment. Seriously the drinks were good, the juke box had amazing music and the company was great since more friends showed up.

Matt treating Kourt to a birthday shot

oh those crazy kids hanging out

Miles, my dad and Matt by the bar

Me and Jess “dancing” away, haha

they were so obsessed with the touch screen games

Seriously it was such a fun night and my parents were cracking me up the whole time. I can’t wait until we have another ridiculous reason to go to the sketchy that is the bar, haha.

Sunday: Yet another day of awesome laziness, seriously I could get used to it. The only productive thing I did was go to dinner at my parent’s house for another Thanksgiving with my grandma and great aunt, it was so tasty. The rest of the night was spent watching TV, hanging out with Matt and decorating the apartment for Christmas. I lurved it.

And how was your weekend?

oh and pps. in case you missed it, LA Blogger Meetup this Friday, woo.

happy monday!