A fashionable day in Hollywood.

And here we have another Tuesday, another Hollywood post…

  • This week’s bebe news comes yet again from cute little Suri who is finally learning to wear a jacket and has rockin sunglasses, wahoo:

  • In other bebe news, Ashlee Simpson finally had her little Wenz and what did they name the bouncing baby boy?….Bronx….Mowgli Wentz. The kids initials are BMZ and his middle name is after a jungle boy?! Seriously guys, seriously?
  • In today’s fashion highlights we have to Do and Do Not Not Not. For the Do we have Alicia Keys at the AMAs over the weekend. I seriously love her dress, the shape, the style, the fit, simply divine:

    And for the Do Not Not Not we have Beyon…er Sasha Fierce:

    Seriously what the hell is she thinking?! Neither of these outfits are cute and are just a wee bit bizarre.

  • In other music news apparently my boys, New Kids on the Block, performed at the AMAs a lovely medley of some of their hits and I sort of loved it. Well maybe not loved, but enjoyed it and definitely swooned a bit.
  • Lastly in the music world, apparently Miss Britney is closer and closer to her comeback and I absolutely love this new Rolling Stones cover she’s rockin:

    Seriously, heart the new Brit and her new album is pretty schnazzy too, go Brit!

  • In other favorites news because I can’t seem to stop talking about Twilight just quite yet, Rob Pattinson was on Tyra’s show (airing on Friday) and Ty asked Rob to bite her…and he complied! Yes I think I sort of melted when I saw these pics and got a wee bit jealous, oh Ty Ty you are so lucky, haha:

  • Speaking of Tyra and TV let’s just get to the TV recap…
    Top Model. I was so not happy with McKey winning it all. I was Team Annaleigh for sure, Sam as cool and funny but Annaleigh was so spunky and nice and I loved it. But McKey? Really? Luckily I wasn’t the only one that felt that way.

    How I Met Your Mother. Can I just say…Naked Man! Seriously I think I laughed through the whole episode, it was hilarious.

    The Hills. Oh my freaking god. Heidi and Spencer eloped in Mexio last week. Really? Really? I think I may have vommed a bit in my mouth when I read that. I must say though that I’m surprised that they didn’t have a camera crew and a million people paid to be in attendance. However they are still milking the secret wedding for all it’s worth with the US Weekly cover and story, eck.

    Grey’s. I am so loving the storyline with Cristina and Dr. Owen, seriously they need to just get it on already. And Izzy’s business? Yeah I have no idea what’s going on there.

  • And in today’s WTF news we have a mystery piano. Yeah you read that right, a piano. Cops in Massachusetts were baffled when they found a piano, in tune and with a bench sitting in the middle of the woods. No one knows how it got there or who it belongs to, but it’s definitely funny. An Matt’s response to the story “If there’s a piano in the woods and it’s tuned is there anyone there to play it?” har har har.

And that’s all I got for Hollywood news today folks, anything I missed?

However in non-Hollywood news today’s my little sister’s 21st birthday! Woo woo! So happy birthday Kourt and hope yours is just as awesome and ridiculous as mine was, holla:

happy tuesday!