The Bald and the Beautiful of Hollywood.

Either not a lot of stuff is happening in Hollywood these days or just not cool enough to totally grasp my attention. Nonetheless I bring you today’s Hollywood best…

  • For today’s bebe cuteness I bring back little Suri who I haven’t featured in a while. But really how I could not post this pic of little Suri and her only friend, Paddington Bear:

    and seriously people, where’s the jacket???

  • Usually next I would talk about which Hollywood guy I’m currently swooning over but my goodness I just had to share John Travolta’s latest makeover and say WOW:

    Oh how I miss the days of Danny Zuko:

  • In sad couples news, my third favorite couple in Hollywood has broken up yet again. And who is this couple? None other than my other boyfriend Ryan Gosling and his now ex-again Rachel McAdams. Seriously I love them together and I was so happy when they got back together, but alas they are done yet again. Sad times folks.
  • In happier favorites news, Rob Pattinson is still adorable and Twilight is still coming out in 10 days! Woo! And the LA Times has been publishing a Twilight story every day including interviews with the cast and other faves and man it’s just exciting. However not so exciting but just plain weird, a young fan recently asked Rob if he would bite her?!? And she was serious!?! Okay now I know I can’t stop talking about Twilight and that some may consider me obsessed (mostly just Matt) but I would never ask something like that and I wouldn’t follow Rob around everywhere he went either, I almost feel bad for him.
    oh le swoon, le swoon

    Oh and also…how the heck did the original Twilighters not think Rob was a great fit for the role!?!?! Apparently people went on a rampage on the internet at his casting choice, yeah well they’ve all changed their minds now, haha.

    Oh and final Twilight related fact of the day, apparently Rob is not allowed to cut his hair because it’s considered his trademark or something like that, I love it. Love it.

  • Oh hi male readers, still here? I know I’ve talked a lot about my love of Twilight lately so here’s Mila Kunis (Matt’s other girlfriend, haha):

    yeah she’s pretty hot, haha.

  • In TV news…
    Desperate Housewives. Or should I call it Dawson’s Creek a la Pacey Whitter and Miss Jacobs era. Seriously it’s getting a little nutty, the kids of Wisteria Lane are so effed up it’s crazy. And Julie is back next week and dating an older man and Dylan is already married and pregnant and supposedly only 22?!! Come on now. Was there something in the water that all the kids of Wisteria had to be so messed up? Haha.

    Top Model. I am still behind. Slap my wrists and I will catch up before this week’s episode if they actually play it on the right day, damn you Clippers for taking over my daily dose of Ty Ty and company.

    How I Met Your Mother/The Hills. Wondering why I have clumped these two totally different and totally awesome shows together? Yes, I bet you are. Well apparently my two worlds of good sitcom and trashy reality are coming together and Heidi and Spencer will be guest starring on HIMYM….THE HORROR!!!! Seriously when I saw the story last week I thought it had to be a lie and now my worst fears have been confirmed. Ugh. Seriously writers, seriously??? Why not Lauren at least or whiny Audrina even? Why oh why Spencer and Heidi??? I may just go throw up now, eck.

    One more Hills tidbit, Brent Bolthouse you are officially my new favorite person on the show. Telling Spencer off and that he’s just awkward…freaking priceless, I love it.

  • In movie news, last night I went and saw Changeling and it most definitely lived up to the hype of being a great drama of the year. Angelina really is more than an action drama sort of actress and really delivers in the movie. Seriously I was in awe the whole time of the story and the acting, it was amazing. I definitely recommend checking this one out, it will most likely get an Oscar nod too.

  • And lastly today’s WTF news comes from a woman that had a little too much fun on Halloween and started punching and attacking cops. And that’s not even the best part, her mugshot is beyond priceless:
    haha, love it.

And that my friends is today’s Hollywood scoop, anything I missed?

***and how the heck could I forget Leo’s birthday?!?!

Happy 34th Birthday Mr. DiCaprio!
Hope it’s fantabulous! :)

happy tuesday!