A non-busy busyish sort of weekend.

So the weekend has come and gone oh yet again. And can you believe that after this weekend I didn’t take a single picture, not one! Ah! What is wrong in the world?! haha. However, even without pictures it was still quite loverly…

Friday: After work I headed home and hung out with Matt and celebrated some good news and headed out to dinner. Twas quite the tasty dinner and a good quiet night. Afterwards we headed home, enjoyed some champagne, watched some shows on the DVR and overall had a fabulous relaxing evening.

Saturday: Woke up earlyish (seriously my body just doesn’t like sleeping through the nigh any more it’s freakin annoying) and got ready for the day. My cousin and her fiancee just bought a new house (well by just I mean three months ago, but still soonish) and had a lovely housewarming party with the whole family over. And it was definitely the perfect weather for a BBQ (85 in November?!??! WTF California!?!). Post-BBQ I went with my cousin and her mom wedding dress shopping and since I am the MOH (Maid of Honor, holla!) I got to go too. And really, it was sort of awesome. Yeah I got all lovey dovey afterwards but I mean really, how could I not? After trying several dresses on, we found “the one” and it was perfect. Seriously she looked amazing and I can’t wait for it to all come together in a year. And not only that, but we found my bridesmaid dress too and I sort of love it. Chocolate brown and fabulous:

And yet again I have a goal for next year, woo. It’s going to be lovely, woo for weddings!

After the day of weddingness I headed out to dinner with Matt and his dad, where I had one of the best pizzas of my life (arugula, prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke and pesto sauce…yummmmmmm). Sadly after dinner my head was pounding and my night was cut short with Matt and I battling it out playing each other in Scene It Squabble, haha. After the game I passed out in hopes of sleeping away the headache…and apparently it worked because Matt said he came in ten minutes later with me conked out and my face in the pillow, haha.

Sunday: I got to sleep in which was awesome and Matt headed out to play golf so I had the place to myself. I finally moseyed out of bed and made my way to the couch where I plugged in my Ipod, played some classical music and enjoyed the last hundred pages of New Moon. Seriously I am in love with these books and cannot wait for the movie. I know I keep talking about it, but really I can’t stop. I even went to a couple grocery stores (and had my aunt get one from her bookstore) to track down Vanity Fair and Entertainment Weekly’s both featuring stories and interviews and pics from the movie, haha. I even got a book that chronicles the movie and the first book and it’s fabulous. After my lazy day I went on my nine mile walk with my fam in prep for the half marathon we’re walking (that’s in a week!!) and came back to a lazy evening watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall and my Sunday shows and hanging out. Twas oh so nice.

And that my friends was my weekend in a loverly busyish sort of nutshell.

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!