I’m a Twilighter, are you a Twilighter?

by katelin on November 7, 2008

It’s Friday! Woo. However Friday also means…

…my brain is mush, mush I say! So with the mushy brain you get some bullet points of the random gibberish that are streaming through my head this fine Friday morning…annnnnd go:

  • Twilight is taking over my life. I just hope my friends, my coworkers, Matt especially aren’t getting too annoyed with my constant Twilight talk, I just can’t help it!
  • However, slowly but surely I am converting some of my friends to the world of Twilight, muaw haha.
  • If a Twilighters Anonymous exists, I should probably join.
  • I’m halfway through New Moon and Edward seriously needs to get back in the picture, like stat, it’s driving me nuts.
  • Speaking of Edward, Rob Pattinson also sings! He sings! Le swoon. I need the soundtrack like yesterday.

  • Okay no more Twilight talk….
  • for today :)
  • I found $5 in my jeans pocket this morning. I think I screamed in joy.
  • Tomorrow is wedding dress shopping with my cousin and I’m secretly really excited.
  • Okay it’s not really a secret any more, but I’m so excited!
  • WTF?! Twilight showings are already selling out!!?! The movie doesn’t come out for two weeks! This is worse than the Dark Knight! Come on people!
  • Sorry, no more Twilight…I just can’t help it :)
  • I look like an OSU student today. Totally rockin the gray and scarlett. Even wearing some beads that from a distance could be buckeyes, haha.
  • Four days ago we had rain, lots of rain. Today we have sun and lots of sun, not even a cloud. Oh California you crack me up.
  • OMG! James Van Der Beek is going to be on his own TV show?!! Granted I most likely won’t watch because I watch enough TV as it is and clearly it’s Pacey Whitter that holds my heart, but still, that’s exciting! Woo Dawson!
  • Mmmmm I smell bread.
  • Fingers crossed for good news today, good news people, good news.
  • Is it really Friday? Yes!
  • I definitely just spilled water down my shirt…I need a bib.

And lastly I present you with today’s letter from the Universe that I just absolutely love and have to share:

Of course not everyone understands you, Katelin.
It takes crazy to know crazy.
It takes sexy to know sexy.
And most assuredly, it takes cool to know cool.
Yeah, un-hun, alright –
The Universe

Love it.

And what Friday thoughts are you all thinkin today?


happy weekend!

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