Mixed emotions.

Now I know I’m not really one to dwell on my feelings or emotions or really talk about anything serious here, but there is no way I can’t talk about last night and this morning.

When the tallies started coming in I was still at work and constantly refreshing the CNN page to get updates and stats on the states as they were coming in. Once 6:30 rolled around I was on my way , but not heading home to follow the results, rather to go walking with my mom. In the “freezing” weather and muddyish track we went walking. I got to have a nice chat with my mom, get in some more marathon training and all around relax. When we were done I drove my mom home then headed home myself just in time to hear that Barack Obama had been officially deemed our next president. I was exhausted from walking but elated for the win.

My neighbor came over to celebrate and even Matt (who’s libertarian) was happy about the win. We couldn’t help but be excited and watch all the people in Grant Park and Spellman and Centruy City and everywhere else in America celebrating and screaming and hugging and crying, it was amazing. And once Barack came out with his family I couldn’t do anything but smile. When he started his speech all I could think of was “wow I may actually listen to our president now, this man knows how to captivate an audience.” We all listened, we all let out the occasional wow and we were all proud. But at the same time I know we were all thinking how open Grant Park is, wondering if he was wearing a bullet proof vest, hoping that the worst would never come.

And luckily it didn’t. All we saw was a man about to make a change to this country and we couldn’t be prouder.

However, when I was watching the news this morning and they showed clips of his speech again I started to cry. I didn’t cry at all last night and I had no idea what was causing the tears this morning. Was I just that happy for this man to take charge of our broken country? Or was I just that sad that our country could elect this man to run our country but not support the unity of any two people in marriage?

To me the ban on gay marriage is exactly the same as the ban that was put on interracial marriage decades ago. A black man and white woman were prohibited to get married no matter what. And why was that you ask? We don’t chose our race, we don’t chose our skin color, but we do choose the people we love and why should anyone else deny you of that right? Why?

Clearly our country is en route to some big changes and I hope they somehow continue to be for the better, somehow…

happy wednesday!

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