I voted for Edward and Keanu.

Happy voting day everyone! I know I’m not really one to talk about politics here but really if you don’t vote today, you’re lame. I don’t care who or what you vote for, as long as you vote. I waited 40 minutes in line to make my vote count and I’d like to think it did, holla.

Anyhoodles, moving on from the voting palooza that’s happening everywhere today, I bring the latest and the greatest taking over Hollywood:

  • Today’s cutest celeb bebe pic comes from my favorite family of Hollywood yet again, the Garner-Afflecks. I mean really, how could I not post this adorable Halloween costumed duo:
    so freakin adorable!

  • You know who else is adorable? Well maybe not adorable, but oh so handsome?:

    Oh yes. How can you deny the suaveness of Leo??!? He was out and about promoting Body of Lies some more before the rush of Revolutionary Road with his best counterpart, Kate Winslet, comes about (ah I can’t wait!) and looking oh so daper, even if his pants are weird, haha.

  • Speaking of Kate, she’s on the newest cover for Vanity Fair and good gracious she is smokin’:

    Not only is she rockin the cover, but some of the interview snippets about her life and Leo just make me so dang happy. My favorite quote being: ” Leo and I, you know, are sort of kindred spirits—we’re cut from the same cloth.” Aw. My second favorite pair, love them.

  • Speaking of my favorites of the screen, remember last week when I said some dbag stalkeratzi took Keanu to court? Yeah well luckily those charges were dropped because the guy suing Keanu is an idiot. The guy claimed Keanu hurt his hand and all this jazz, but then there was video of him scaling a fence to chase after Britney Spears, haha, idiot. But yay Keanu! Now be careful of those crazy paps!
  • In other faves news, I can’t believe that only three weeks ago I was saying how intrigued I was by the Twilight movie and I hadn’t read the books. Well you can change intrigued to obsessed. I read the first book in a week and absolutely loved it, I’ve watched the preview more times than I count and I find myself getting as excited as I was for the Dark Knight, it’s crazy! And I’m about to start New Moon at lunch today and I can barely contain myself, ah!

    And Edward Cullen….errrr Robert Pattinson, oh my le swoon oh le swoon:

    Thank you Twilight page on Facebook for all your fabulous pictures and updates and news and ah, love. So yes I’ll admit it I have an addictive personality if you haven’t noticed. Seriously it’s ridiculous, I just latch on to things and get so completely enamored and engrossed in it I can’t help it. But it’s not a bad thing right? Right? Haha.

  • And in non obsessive TV news….
    The Hills. Apparently Lauren got the memo that flapper was the way to go for Halloween this year too:

    Not too shabby Lauren, not too shabby.
    And as for last night’s ridiculous episode in a nutshell. Audrina is dumb. Her sister is awesome. Heidi is a hilarious drunk. Spencer is still an idiot. Justin Bobby looks stoned 24/7. And you know Lo had a party when Audrina moved out, haha. For a better update I recommend checking out Trent later today, his recaps always crack me up.

    Top Model. I finally watched last week’s episode over the weekend and man I was so sad. No more Team Sheena. She was by far my fave of the season. Now I don’t know who to root for. Maybe Sam? Definitely not chicken bobber Marjorie. Perhaps Annaleigh? Ah, who knows!?!

    Grey’s Anatomy. This season is definitely on the ups I think and I cannot wait for Cristina and Doctor Army to get together, ah, lurve. But the biggest Grey’s news actually came today announcing that Brooke Smith, aka Dr. Erica Hahn aka Callie’s sort of lover was written off the show and her last episode will be this Thursday! How totally random and that stinks for Brooke. Boo on ABC!

    How I Met Your Mother. I thought last night’s episode was so sweet, pretty funny and overall sort of sad yet again. But man I can’t wait until they write Alyson Hannigan’s pregnancy into the show, squeee for bebes!

  • And today’s WTF news come from a girl that is auctioning off her virginity. Yeah you read that one right. Ew ew ew. She went on Tyra’s talk show along with one of the current highest bidders and it is just awkward and gross and ew.

And that my friends is what’s happening in the world of Hollywood and Katelin today, holla!

happy tuesday!