Happy Halloweenie! :)

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen everyone!

Hope you are dressed up and taking advantage of the day. And hark! We finally have some clouds in California, not 100 degree weather, but real clouds like October should have, woo!

Speaking of dressing up, today at work I am channeling my inner youth:

not only am I rocking the straight hair,
but the side pony tail as well, holla*

oh and that shirt, heck yes it’s an original NKOTB
I’m a true fan through and through :)

See, told you I was a fan. I still have this shirt and another one, along with pins with all of the guys faces, and today I’m wearing Jordan and Joey because obviously they were my faves.

However, tonight’s costume is much more elaborate. I don’t think I’ve let it slip here what I’m wearing with Matt and sadly I don’t think it was one that anyone suggested, just happened to find it and love it at Party City. But I do know I let someone know because she’s dressing up as the same thing! And I have to say I’m pretty excited to wear it to my friend’s party tonight.

Seriously, I love Halloween. There’s candy and parties and cute little kids in the most adorable costumes (seriously I think the baby chicken suit may be my fave so far, haha) and all around awesomeness.

Annnnnd I’m almost done with Twilight which appropriately is all about vampires that are so Halloween and have gotten me even more excited for today. I lurve it.

Okay that’s enough rambling for me, I’m too excited to type, haha.

And what are your Halloween plans? Any awesome costumes? Can’t wait to read about it Monday!

Have a most fabulous and safe Halloween everyone!

happy weeeeekend!